Hell Yeah!!!

I feel like so many things happened in just a few days!!
First,I dyed my hair black yesterday and this is how I currently look like.
No gyaru make,no circle lens,no wig.
I look so different XD
But it feels good just to be myself :)
Of course,I will still do gyaru when I feel like.
I dyed my hair black coz of professional purpose.
I believe it's one of the reason I don't get a job.
Ans it seems like I was right!!
Today I went to a job interview and they accept me immediately!!
I'll start working next Monday at Silom Galleria.
Apparently,the building consists of many jewel and accessories associate companies.
And the company I've applied for is one of them.
It's a handmade accessories and jewel company owned by a foreigner.
(I didn't ask him where he's from anyway)
It's a small company but seems like they have good working environment.
I'll be working as sales admin,it's pretty challenging since I've never tried this kind of job before.
I'm looking forward to work with them anyway :)
...not to mention that I feel relieved that I could pay for my Japan trip at the end of the year now XD

Also,my parents asked me yesterday if I want to go to China.
My family are going to visit my grandpa's homestead in Shantou.
I really want to go coz I've never met my relatives in China before.
But it seems like I can't now that I've just got a job :(
I've traveled to China once but we didn't go to Shantou and my grandpa didn't go with us.
They'll be visiting Macua,too.As I remember,the city was beautiful and I really want to go back again >_<

I guess that's all for the update.
I think I'll prepare for the next entry tomorrow coz I got something I want to review and seems like I wouldn't have too much free time once I started to work.
See you.


Confession about gyaru

Hi,I just feel like updating my blog today.
I got a strange feeling about me trying gyaru style.
I feel like I don't belong here somehow.
There's no excuse on the face structure coz I'm Asain.
Well, being an Asian,I should have done better than this.
You can see those perfect non-Japanese Asian gyaru everywhere but that's not me.
I had to admit that if I were someone else,I'd have high expectation when an Asian said she'd do gyaru style.
Actually,I never feel like being gyaru.
It's just me cosplaying gyaru...something like that.
There are few reason why I'm not an actual gyaru.
1.I don't have my nail painted or decorated.
2.I rarely use my own hair when I take picture.Most of them are wigs
3.I don't go to gyaru meetups nor belong to any gyarusa.
4.I don't live a gyaru life,it's more like a couch potato.
5.I'm not slim,I'm overweight
Now you can oppose to that whatever you want,it's just my lame excuses anyway.
I know that it doesn't apply to most ppl.
I don't know if I'm being too strict with myself.
I don't even know how I feel about myself.
I do whatever I feel like.
I quit when I quit .
It's not even about other ppl who told me I don't look gyaru enough.
I wouldn't give a damn if it was in that case.
It's all about me.
I feel like an emo kid now.
I kidda hate the fact that I don't belong to any category.
But hey,it's me and it's what I feel like doing. 

I'm not saying I'm gonna quit trying gyaru tho.
I love all the cute clothes and accessories.
My wardrobe is full of them and I'm not gonna sell any of it.
I just got the feeling that I will "forever trying to be gyaru" but never become an actual one.

And next,I'm going to show you gyaru pic I did today :D
Oh,how ironic posting your so-called gyaru pic after you wrote a long post complaining about it,right?
I bet I got you there.
At least I should try saying "this is my attempt on gyaru today".
But it doesn't give the impact enough so I wrote what I wrote.
I've noticed that I didn't post much about how I feel and the way I think here.
I used to wrote a lot of that kind of post when I used Exteen.
But maybe that was because I was young and naive.
If I were to hashtag myself it would be #sarcasm #trolling #antisocial #KY #swearword #moreswearword
Of course,I'm trying to be kind and nice here coz that the way they do here.
I'm not sure how nice I am if I were to measure it myself,maybe only 30% of what's shown.
Alright,I might have commented something like "Oh wow,you're so cuteeeee!!"
But I might be like "yeah,cute enough to saying I'm not lying when I said you're cute".
Basically,I just avoid praising someone if I don't think they look good.
So don't worry if you get that kind of comment.

Last but not least,I didn't say I look ugly in gyaru,did I?
I lost count of the time I admiring my 'naked face'.
So,it's normal if you think the dolled-up one is pretty.
(does that make you hate me now that I sound like an arrogant bitch?)
But if that's the way they do then go on and say
"Oh no,you are so cute,you're doing good at gyaruuuuu"
Trust me,I know what it's like when you read a blog with pic and don't know what to comment.
That might be a reason why I put up a pic here without reading the atmosphere.
Of course,I don't think this post would change anything I do.
Just sayin' :P
Are there any other negative thing about myself you wanna say but I haven't stated it?
If you got one,let me know.
Bye for now.

P.S.geez,now I don't know where my blog is heading but f**k that,I write what I want.
P.S.2 by saying 'naked face' I mean the annoying upset face I always make but maybe you don't know.


Recent addiction+Agejo attempt

First of all I'd like to thank you for the feedback on my previous post.
It's always good to know that there's someone waiting to read what I'm going to write.

Well,actually I've resigned from my last job for a while now.
I found that it was too tiring to travel a lot and work on Saturday ;w;
So basically,I'm a freeloader now XD
I'm searching for the right job tho coz I don't wanna jump a every job offered to me and end up resigning too soon again.
Since I have a lot of free time to waste,I joined Stream gaming community.
But yeah,even I did so there's not many game of my type there.
Nowadays,I mostly see action games that involved with virus or zombies games while my fav type of game being RPG and simulation.
I did find an interesting game on Stream that worth the money tho.
It's an indie game called "Don't Starve"
(Photo from Stream)
In the beginning of the game you wake up and there's a man tells you that you should find something to eat before it gets dark.You must find resources like flint or stick to craft basic tool such as axe,pickaxe as well as finding something to eat.Carrots and berries are the easiest stuffs to eat in your early day but they can also be cooked if you have all the required stuff.When the night comes,you have to built a campfire or something that keeps the screen visible or else a grue will hunt you.The more day you survive,the more experience you get.Seems like it's on sale now when I'm writing this,too so if you're interested,pls check it out.
That's all about it,I didn't mean to write a game review or anything tho.
I can't deny that I've been so into games lately,I love playing games since I was young anyway.
The first thing I do every morning is go checking on Pewdiepie channel for new video XD
I've just subscribed him when he has like 8M subcribers which I think it wasn't that long ago but he's already reached 10M now *o*
Even before that I've subscribed a lot of Thai gamers like LAWBREAKER,HEARTROCKER,XCROSZ tho.That's all because I'm too scared to play horror games myself and rather someone play them for me.

Anyway,yesterday I've try Agejo style.
I want to improve my hairstyling skill tho but I guess I'm no good for Sujimori hairstyle.
It's such a trouble to try everything with my own hair tho but it's ok.
I'd like to share the result with you.


Anyway,I'd appreciate your comment and tips :)
I'm looking forward to make it better anyhow.


I'm back

Finally,I decided to start writing blog again since I already got my new laptop :D
But well,yeah...it feels like I have to start it all over again.
I have to create my watermark image again since all of my files are gone :'(
And...I kidda sure that people on blogger has forgotten about me already.
Actually,since I stopped writing blog,I rarely get on blogger also.
That why I didn't go comment on anyone's blog.
But from now on I'll go comment on ppl's blog as I used to do.

Anyway,this is my most recent pic.
I tried on new clothes today and did on my makeup to match it.
Well,I kidda know that it's a fail.
Maybe I shouldn't have put on thick lower lash...
Anyway,at least I know what's not to do next time.

Btw,I feel like I'm getting a lot fatter now :'(
My dad always tell me to go to the fitness downstairs but I'm always too lazy to.
But now I think it's time to get serious with it!!
Wish me some luck.
Next time I'll find something more interesting to write about.
See you >_<

P.S.I put on hime gyaru tag coz at least I think I look gyaru enough.
So,if you think I don't,feel free to tell.



Yeah,I finally decide to announce a hiatus for this blog.
It's hard for me to update my blog since I haven't bought a laptop yet.
I connect to the internet via my Ipod and the blogger app just looks ugly somehow.
Even I can use the computer from my office,I can't go all the way and put watermark on my pics here.
I'll start updating again once I bought a laptop
Anyway this is my Facebook,in case you want to contact me.
I've close down my page for some reason a long while ago.
So,my FB is the only way you can check my update now.

It'd be better if you leave the link of your Facebook here since I don't accept strangers.
I'll go through the link everyone posted anyway so I will accept as soon as you added me.
Thank you.


Happy Valentine's Day!!

Well,it's Valentine's Day already.I feel like the time has passed so fast on me.
This year is as same as every year or even more boring.
As you may know that I live apart from my bf.
We don't really have anything special to do over than posting on each other's timeline.
So,today all I that I did was just go to work,go to salon and go back home.
So boring,right?

Last weekend I did some dolling-up again.
I'm trying to master my hime-gyaru skill XD
Let me know what you think.

It's my first time using BeautyBooth.
It gives out various feeling for each style,I guess I like it.



First week with new job+part time job

Finally,I get to blog about my new job!
Actually,I tried to update my blog viz my IPod yesterday but it took me too long so I just gave it up.

It's my first time working as a Japanese interpreter.
I think I've forgotten most of what I've learned already :(
Even so,after I've worked here for just 2 days,I got another phone call from another company.
They told me that I've passed their interview.
And they're offering me like 9,000THB+ more than my current salary!!
The transportation is even more convenient for me.
I was like "WTF!?"
I was so confused at that time coz I don't want to leave this company while I've just worked here for only 2 days.
But when I told my parents,they said I should quit this job go go for the higher salary one.
I've asked my friends for their advice(or maybe an excuse why I shouldn't leave now).
And finally,come up with "the higher salary = higher expectation".
Even for my current job,I think I'm not qualified as a Japanese interpreter.
But it's ok since they don't expect too much from me for the salary they pay.
Now I gotta gain a lot of exp first before I move on to a new one.

 Besides all these stuff,I think it's ok to work here for now.
Sometimes,I get to travel with my Japanese bosses.
And I'm learning other stuff other than interpreting skill,too.
...Just because I have nothing to do when my bosses leave on their own.
Here are some pics about my new job.

In front of my office building.
My office.
First day trip with bosses,I get to see the sea!!
The restaurant we stopped by while going to meet the customer. 
Since I'm now working for a machinery company,I get to see a lot of machine I don't know,too XD
Here is my work desk,full of Japanese dictionary XD

For my first week,I had to work on Saturday also.
And I had a part-time job on that Sunday,too.
The job was about promoting a Japan educational event.
It's like I'm working none-stop for that week =_=;
But well,at least I got some money.
While doing part-time job.I'm making such a weird face here.
My lunch I share with my friend,takoyaki soup and pudding.
With my friend,Kei.

I guess that's it for today  XD
BTW...I'm writing my blog using the pc in my office.
That's why you don't see watermark on my pics today.


New job+gyaru attempt

After a few job interviews,I finally got a job!!
Starting tomorrow,I'll be working in a Japanese machinery firm as an interpreter.
I hope everything will be fine since I didn't graduate with Japanese major.
But yeah,the salary was ok and I could learn Japanese at the same time also :D

And also,I've already moved in my condo :D
New job,new place,I guess that what's called a 'new life'.
We got what it's needed for our condo already even the sofa and dining table haven't arrived yet.
I still need a new laptop and a good internet at my condo but I'll settle that once I got my salary.

I have some pics of what I wear to the job interview to share also.
My makeup
I think I look somewhat OL-like...
Actually,I don't really like to wear something that looks so professional.
But it's for the job,it can't be helped.

I did what I like also.
Recently,I got stuffs I ordered delivered to me so,I decided to try it.
Maybe I should order gyaru nails to fit with this?
I think I'm more than just chubby!!
Need to go to fitness now!!
It's almost the first time that I took a pic and realized how big my bottom and legs are.
I decided to keep it since I might feel good later once I lost some weigh.

But yeah,dressing up like this and that isn't my actually life.
My life is just as simple just waking up at noon,cook what's left in the fridge doing something useless on the internet and go to bed late XD
But talking about cooking,I really love to do that!
This is what I cook for myself last night.
It supposed to be spicy seafood fried noodle or something.
I only used what's left in the fridge so I don't mind creating new recipe with that XD
Wearing apron,maybe I'd make a god housewife? XD
Rolling on the bed before going to sleep.
I'm not sure if I like how I look without makeup more than when I do it.
I don't normally look like this but it looks better since I've just straighten my hair a bit.

I guess that's what about it today,thanks for reading.


New Year 2013 Resolutions+pics I stocked up

Well,I know I'm too late to say "Happy New Year" but then again,this is my first post of the year then be it.
For This year resolutions....ummmmm...
1.Blog more!! I know I'm being too lazy lately
2.Be slimmer!! Gotta be slim one day!!
3.Save money and go to Japan!! it's been postponed since my first year of university...
4.Save more money for marriage...I hope it won't take too long...
5.Be a better person and survive the year!!

Now I'm going to unpack all the pics I've been stocked up since X'mas.
Yeah,I know I should upload it earlier but I'm lazy = =

I went to Siam Paragon with my brother to get a lil bit festive see the lights and decorations.
But we got there around 2pm,so there's still a lot of time to waste.
We then moved to CTW to have lunch.I think mine was Hamburg Steak set.
At toy shop...I want this one....
X'mas tree at CTW.
My bro took this pic for me,I didn't want to makeup much that day.
I think this is the best pic and also the main purpose for going to CTW.
With my brother.

Going Out with Family
I decided to do this look even it's a bit too much for just going out with family.
With my dad in front of the restaurant.
It's my first time for ordering salmon set but I actually love eating salmon!!
A light makeup?no?...to me attaching fake lashes can't be called 'light'.
At furniture shop,buying sofa and dinning set for our condo.

New Year's Day at Condo
This is the best I can do for now,it's only 2nd time I tried to style my wig using spray.
I don't actually think it's very different from unstyling one,I definitely should try harder!!
...without ducky face next time.
At condo's pool,I like this pic even the light is too bright.
More detailed pic.
It was good to relax here since it's getting colder here  and not as hot as it was now.
The view was nice...only if I knew we'd be doing this then I wouldn't have worn the thighs.
Finally took it off anyway XD

Yeah,that's all.Thanks for reading.