Last entry for this year

Today is the last year of the year already...and I'm broke already XD
Hope I could make more money next year ;w;
Anyway,gotta say "Happy New Year!!" now coz I won't be able to log on Blogger for a while during new year.Sorry if I can't comment your post during this time.Btw,I do comment everyone who I followed if it's written in English/using normal comment box or Disqus.

By the way,yesterday I went to celebrate early New Year with my friend,Meiar.
She wanted to pay for the meal coz she said that she hadn't given me my birthday present.
We met at Seacon Square and directly went to Ma-Cool-Ya,a hotpot buffet restaurant.

It's my first time eating here but she recommended it,so I'll give it try.


This is Meiar.

And this is me XD

I took some pics of the food available there.

What I like the most about this restaurant is that they have Takoyaki available,too!!

You might be wonder why the first pic said Ma-Cool-Ya is a hot&cool cooking pot restaurant.
Here is the answer.
They have fried ice-cream and can fry it yourself in the cooking pot.
It looks like this

Chocolate and orange ice-cream juice,you can see my friend frying the strawberry one in the background.

And since I've tried to upload the vdo of me frying the ice-cream on Blogger but it didn't success so I'll upload it on my fb page and how you the finished one instead.

Orange fried ice-cream.

For me it's quite an impressive restaurant even though I'd only prefer to come eat here with friends coz if you come with family member and you have to pay for all of them,it'd be quite expensive.

When we finished eating,I finally got a chance to take some snapshot of what I wore yesterday.

Actually,it's the first time I wear sleeveless dress and go out >_<
And it's just because I couldn't find a matching jacket XDD

We took a walk around and found that there's X'mas and New Year event booths at the convention space.

I didn't buy anything here but Meiar got herself some of cute earphone wire rollers.

We then went shopping at Season Shopping Arcade and this is what I bought.

I'm obsessed with floral items!!

After spending all of our money,we agreed to go home by walking pass Paradise Park and happened to see the cute New Year decoration so,we took some pics here before going home.

Meiar said I and that red Japanese girl doll just look the same XD

...I really hate it when my bang is breaking >_<; but this is the only pic we took together XD

That's all for today,Happy New Year again,everyone ^ ^

P.S.Next entry I'll do something surprising,just got an inspiration from Popteen new volume.


Tag:11 Questions

I've just been tagged in Miss Lolo's post
It's the first time someone ever tagged me here so I'll do my best ^ ^

Rules that must be posted

Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.

Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.

You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.

Go to their page and tell them you have linked him or her.

No tag backs.

No stuff in the tagging section about 'you are tagged if you are reading this.' You legitimately have to tag 11 people.

11 facts about me:

1.I used to be tomboyish before turning to gyaru style,I only cosplay male characters and got many girls confessed their love to me...yet I didn't play along so well with them.

2.I don't like sweets or dessert,except for cheesecake.

3.I can't survive without fruits!!

4.When I was in primary school,I used to steal my crush's note book and always hope that he'd notice me someday XD

5.I don't wear makeup to school or university at all so that I look like a different person from what you see now.

6.My fav game is Sengoku Basara yet,I never own one,always play it at friend's house.

7.I actually love VK makeup and hairstyle...I used to want to be like those awesome VK guys in my old days.

8.Except for my current boyfriend,I never went out with anyone and last longer than 2 weeks.

9.I fight a lot with my brother that we almost hate each other but everyone always see us hugging each other.

10.I only listen to VK music and international music,no Thai music!!

11.I'm always freak out when I accidentally stare at my bf's pic....no specific reason but I personally think he's too cool that if I ever stare closely at him,I wouldn't be able to stop dreaming about him XD

11 questions I have to answer:

1.Your Favorite Artist/Band and Why?

My fav artist is Satsuki former vocalist of my fav band,RENTRER EN SOI.

2.If you ruled the world what would be the first thing you do?

Get all the pretty clothes for free!!

3.Why did you start blogging?

I only started blogging 2 months ago because of Rowie's blog I happened to stumble on while searching for poupee.To be frank,I was so impressed that I only created this blog just to contact her XD

4.Would you say you're more different than your younger self (like you've matured etc) and why?

Yeah,I think I'm a lot more mature and have changed a lot especially my appearance.When I was a kid,no one in the class would ever want to talk to me coz I was the only one wearing glasses and so shy that I never talked to anyone.

5.Who Inspires you and Why?

First,it was Satsuki and then it's all the gyaru models XD

6.What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?

I finally found someone I've been looking for all of my life ^w^

7.Do You watch cartoons? Which ones and why?

I watch anime,Senguku Basara and Tiger&Bunny...but I read a lot of manga tho.

8.What Languages would you like to learn fluently?

Japanese?I already know how to speak it but still not good enough,I think.

9.Have you ever been in love?

I'm in love right now.

10.Your Favorite song and why?

Mizerable by Gackt,it's a sad song yet it makes me happy everytime I listen to it.

11.Are their things about yourself you want to work on and why?

I want to lose more weight.

My 11 question

1.What or who inspired you for blogging?

2.What's your occupation?

3.What's your hobby besides blogging?

4.What kind of music do you listen to?

5.What's your goal for life?

6.If you could turn back time,what would your want to change in your life?

7.What's the type of guy you like?

8.What's the thing you like the most about blogging?

9.What's your fav food?

10.Do you have any sibling?

11.What would you prefer dogs or cats?

11 people I will tag

Since I don't know many people here so I decided to choose 11 people of my recent follower.

Here's the list.






Anna Melody






Yay!!Guess that all for the tag =w=

Today I tried new makeup also.

Hope you like it ^ ^

See you next entry ^ ^


Merry X'mas!!

It's finally X'mas.Actually,I thought it was going to be just like a normal day.
I started my day with washing clothes...it already took me half a day to finish.
Then I went to the hospital with my family coz my lil bro got sick.
It was all boring until we decided to go to Central World coz my mom was around there.

And we got to CTW...


Yeah,I had to admit that I forgot that ppl always go to CTW to celebrate X'mas and New Year.
Never mind,we just continued on and finally met up with my mom.
She wanted to have dinner there so we ate at ummm...street restaurant?I'd better call it food shop on the street.

Here's what we ate.

Tom Yum Kung ,seafood sour salad,Som Tam with salty egg.

I've just found out recently that I like Som Tam with salty egg XD
I suggest that you should try one if you have a chance.

After the dinner we just took some pics of out X'mas memories.
Sadly,we had to go home early coz my brother hasn't finish his homework.
...he doesn't have any X'mas long holiday coz of the flood,poor guy.

Anyway,here are some pics we took before going home.
Today I wear very light makeup coz I was so lazy XD

Inside CTW.

Outside CTW.

Merry X'mas everyone!!

See you next entry.


About my blog

I almost forget that it's X'mas week until I've browsed through all the blog I'm following XD
I don't have any special plan for X'mas coz we don't really celebrate it here.
Plus.....I have no one to celebrate with ;w;

As you might see that I'm asking for all the ppl I'm following to follow my blog also XD
I'm really sorry for bothering you all but I wanna make some friends here since I've just started writing blog here so I don't know anyone yet.
But it'd be boring to follow an uninteresting blog =3=
So,I intend to write about some tip or interesting things I could share with you all.
But...I'm like...I can do everything but not yet good at anything XD
So,I'm giving out some example of what I'd be writing about the most.
For anyone that came here to decide you should follow my blog or not
And for myself to not to write about something uninteresting and stupid here XD

Here's some example of what I like.

1.Gyaru fashion/makeup

Of course,I want to be a gyaru!!I'm trying to improve my style by trying out new makeup and hairstyle.I'd like to share some tip I discovered on the way also XD I love dressing up also.I try everything from sexy gyaru to moe gyaru but what I love the most is hime gyaru.So,be prepared to see tons of lace,ribbon and pearl flowing here XD


It's my happiness XD I love to cook for friends&family.Trying out new recipe.Making bento.What I want to do the most is kyara-bento.It's soooo cute.But now I can do only normal bento coz I've not creative enough XD


Actually,not that often but I just have to take photos of the place I've visit to share to my bf who lives overseas.So,it doesn't hurt to share with everyone here =w=

Thank you for your support,I hope you'd like my blog >_<;


Winter trip/dishes day3-5

To say the truth,I'm really lazy to continue updating the final part of my Chiang Mai trip XD
But well,gotta do it anyway.
Day 3:My family arrived in the night of day 2 and decided that we'd go to visit my grandfather(my mom's father)in the morning and then I and my friend would separate with them to meet a friend who lives here.
It's my grandfather house.
People said that it looks like I don't belong to the place coz of my clothing and makeup XD
But I still remember staying here when I was young,it's quite peaceful and I love it.
After visiting my grandfather,we stopped at a small but famous restaurant around there.
The restaurant's called "Lamduon Faharm Kaosoi".

It's my "Kao Mok Kai" for breakfast.

Then we separated with my parents at Nimmanhemin st.and met up with N'Bow.
I knew her from myspace since I was in about first year university student...and was in my vk style era XD
Even so,she's much,much younger than me and this is the first time we met each other in real.

I think she looks like a little angle XDD

Well,since we met up at a "Guu" rotti shop,Aum and N'Bow decided to order something to eat there.

I don't really know what they ordered tho,I just took a bit of smashed potatoes,taste nice anyway.

I guess Aum was still full coz she can't finished up what she ordered.
Luckily,I didn't order anything special or I'd regret wasting it XD

We then took a walk along Nimmanhemin st. to Suthep Rd.
N'Bow wanted to go have a lunch at Pun Pun coz we told her the vetgetarian food there was delicious and she was vetgetarian.

Took a pic before we're going to eat.
Just ignore the monkey face,she sometimes make a strange face but actually I think she's very pretty XD

This is what we ate,most of the dishes contained of mushroom and tofu.
We took a trip to Doi Suthep after the lunch.Well,you have to beware of the bus fee here.
Actually,the fee for going up-down Doi Suthep is about 80 baht each,but some bus would require you to pay up to 500 baht just to go up Doi Suthep = =
Luckiyly,we got N'bow helped us dealing with bus chauffer so we could pay lower then we expected from the first XD
The stairs to Suthep Temple.
Viewing point at Suthep Temple on Doi Suthep.
I think we could see all of Chiang Mai from here,it's soooo beautiful!!
Actually,we took a lot of crazy shots here but they're all in Aum's phone.
It's just some random pic I took coz I love the lighting here.
My makeup already wore off,but I still like this pic.
We stayed at Doi Suthep until the sun was going down,mostly for just taking pics XD
While we're going down we bought some hat with us also,I bought a pink fur hat with bear ears deco.Aum bought knitted strawberry-shaped one.
We got down the bus at Nimmanhemin st. and decided to go to "Din Dee"restaurant.
I didn't take the pic pic of the restaurant coz it's so dark that even I did,I wouldn't see a thing anyway.
The guide book said the owner is a Japanese but we could see that she speaks Thai very well.
It's omelet,tom yum koong and 'din dee' fried rice.
Passion fruit topping yoghurt for dessert.
It's quite dark when we finished the meal,N'Bow called here mom to pick her up and offer us a ride to our hotel also.It was another tiring but fun day.My dad phone me that he wanted to go the Meajo University coz there're having a annual fair there and tomorrow's trip was decided.
Day 4:We're travelling with my family most of the day here.Starting with breakfast,we went to "Hueng Pen" restuarant.It's quite hard to get to since it's the first time we're not heading for Nimmanhemin st. XD
Luckily,my dad borrows a GPS guide from my uncle,it works quite well tho.
They're all local dishes,excuse me for not remembering what we had ordered XD
Just took some time off while my mom wen to the restroom.
I decided not to wear heavy makeup today.
We headed to Meajo right after we finished the meal,It's up pass my grandfather's house.I think it's quite long but when we arrived there I could feel the nature once I stepped out of the car XD
I feel a bit like walking in Jatujak market somehow XD
Horse carriage.
Candy floss stand.
We also bought one.
I bought 2 pairs of sunglasses here,too
Took a pic together at the field.
Pumpkin field.
Sunflowe bed.
Everybody except me and my brother bought some plants here,hoping they won't die before we get back to bkk XD
I feel like we spent most of the day here before we left to Warorot Market for buying souvenir.
This is how the market look like.
We also had our lunch here at the top floor of the market.
Fried pork with garlic and rice.
It's already evening when everyone bought umm...souvenir,but I really think mostly of what they bought was dry food XD
My family dropped me and Aum off at Chiang Mai Walking Street...it's Sunday market if you wanna say.We're going to meet up with N'Bow again here.
It's SOOOOOOO Crowded!!
I knew that it was 5th,Thailand National Day and Father's day,so they were celebrating everywhere.but I didn't expect it to be this crowded.
I didn't even bother pick up my camera,phone or anything to take pic here coz it's too risky to be stolen.
After we met up with N'Bow,we browsed the shops and bought some appetizer/snack for dinner.
I also bought a gift for my bf here coz we found an interesting handmade shop XD
We finally arrived at some temple arounf there to find that there's some space to breathe.
And there was some decorations for the celebration also

I believe they're lamps or something XD
Our adventure began when N'Bow left.We just found that we got lost!!
Well,my mom phoned me that there're no place around to park or she wanted us to hurry to the place my dad dropped us off....and we went totally opposite way = =;
Everywhere just look the same coz the people...I really hate that.
Finally,Aum managed to locate the place we were in the map we brought.
And what we had to do was running like a ninja!!
I believe that we ran so fast that we almost fly...if we could ,we would XD
We got scolded for leaving my family to wait for too long but at least we managed to get out of the crowd.
Yeah,and that was the end of day 4 =w=
Day 5:Today we're going back by my dad's car,I'm glad that I don't have anything to post much here coz I've been writing this entry for about 3 hours already.
We just went to visit my grandfather again before leaving Chiang Mai.
My aunt and relatives there cook us a breakfast of Kanon Jeen but I can't find the pic = =
We stopped at Lumpang to visit my dad's friend,they also cook us a lunch of rice steamed with chicken.
We had dinner somewhere on our way to bkk and arrived at bkk around 8 p.m.
There was a traffic jam again,we had to escort Aum to her home first,I think it's already 10 p.m. when we got to her home.Then we left for our home.
See you again next entry.