First week with new job+part time job

Finally,I get to blog about my new job!
Actually,I tried to update my blog viz my IPod yesterday but it took me too long so I just gave it up.

It's my first time working as a Japanese interpreter.
I think I've forgotten most of what I've learned already :(
Even so,after I've worked here for just 2 days,I got another phone call from another company.
They told me that I've passed their interview.
And they're offering me like 9,000THB+ more than my current salary!!
The transportation is even more convenient for me.
I was like "WTF!?"
I was so confused at that time coz I don't want to leave this company while I've just worked here for only 2 days.
But when I told my parents,they said I should quit this job go go for the higher salary one.
I've asked my friends for their advice(or maybe an excuse why I shouldn't leave now).
And finally,come up with "the higher salary = higher expectation".
Even for my current job,I think I'm not qualified as a Japanese interpreter.
But it's ok since they don't expect too much from me for the salary they pay.
Now I gotta gain a lot of exp first before I move on to a new one.

 Besides all these stuff,I think it's ok to work here for now.
Sometimes,I get to travel with my Japanese bosses.
And I'm learning other stuff other than interpreting skill,too.
...Just because I have nothing to do when my bosses leave on their own.
Here are some pics about my new job.

In front of my office building.
My office.
First day trip with bosses,I get to see the sea!!
The restaurant we stopped by while going to meet the customer. 
Since I'm now working for a machinery company,I get to see a lot of machine I don't know,too XD
Here is my work desk,full of Japanese dictionary XD

For my first week,I had to work on Saturday also.
And I had a part-time job on that Sunday,too.
The job was about promoting a Japan educational event.
It's like I'm working none-stop for that week =_=;
But well,at least I got some money.
While doing part-time job.I'm making such a weird face here.
My lunch I share with my friend,takoyaki soup and pudding.
With my friend,Kei.

I guess that's it for today  XD
BTW...I'm writing my blog using the pc in my office.
That's why you don't see watermark on my pics today.