Before winter trip

It's been a while since my last entry XD
I didn't really have anything to update other than my love story,so I decided not to post XD
But recently,me and my friend have decided to go on a trip to Chiangmai together.
It's the first time I'm going to stay outside Bkk with friend other than school trip
(eventho my parent will come to meet up later)
I'm so excited XDDD
Yesterday we went to buy the tour bus ticket and make a reservation for hotel.
We had some problem finding hotel since too many ppl are going to Chiangmai in this long weekend,but we finally found one with not too expensive price.
Then we went to Central Lad Prao to meet up with another friend who's working at Melt Me chocolate shop there.so we decided to buy something there also.
And this is what I ordered.

New York cheesecake.
Actually,I don't like any cake other than cheesecake XD
My friend bought some clothes at Uniqlo also,she bought a pair of tight and turtle neck sweater.
Sadly,I didn't take to photo since it's not my clothes.
That's all for now,I'll update my blog again after to trip.


Fashion Obsession

Today I've decided to buy more clothes online.

It started in the morning,I checked my e-mail and found that the online shop I used to buy had sent me an e-mail about new arrival.

So,I went to check it and found this fur outer.

Isn't it cute?To me it's irresistible!! XD

I decided to buy it right away,I think it'll come around next Tuesday.

The next one was in the evening,Nana pm me about the lolita pre-order we talked about before.

She said she asked her brother and he sent a lot of pics for me to choose.

It's from the brand Bodyline,it's popular here in Thailand among cosplayers coz it's cheaper than any other lolita brand.

I took a lot of time in choosing coz I can only afford one XD

And I finally end up with this one.

It'll cost me for 2,600 Bt for this but I still have time until next January.

Next is my discovery on 夢展望(Yumetenbou) on Rakuten XD

I've heard a bit about this brand but I've just found out that it's soooo cute!!

In my opinion it's Liz Lisa+La Parfait but cheaper.

Especially the princess section.


Here are some examples from the shop's official site.

I really want to buy something from the shop but I'm afraid I'd have to sell my house for that XD

So,I'll just wait until I get a stable job first.

P.S.finally,I wrote something about fashion XD


Winter is coming

Because it's November ready,it should be winter in Thailand now.

Even yesterday was still hot but when I woke up this morning it's getting a lil bit cold.

I really wish it to be cold soon,winter is my favorite season.

(not counting that I was born in Nov.)

I took some photos today coz I was really bored,cannot go anywhere coz the flood.

This one was taken by my mobile phone.

I've uploaded some of better quality pics in my facebook.




Finally,I've finished making my blog's theme XDD

Well,I think that it's not so good but at least better than the basic one = =

I still need to recover my theme-making skill.

These days I've seen many fakers on facebook.

To tell the truth,that's annoying me the most about facebook.

Gyaru models were the target tho.

I've seen Mirai,Manya fakers there and still a lot that I haven't seen.

They keep saying things like "Stop stealing my pics"

...but those pics were already stolen from their original owners

Oh,and recently,there's someone accusing me for being a faker also.

This person.

She said if I could prove that I'm real then she'll record an apology vdo for me.

(She said it with a rude order like "Do it now!!"....bitch,how dare you!!)

So,I recorded the prove vdo and uploaded on my fanpage.

But it's been 3 days and I haven't seen any vdo of her.

I started to think maybe she's a faker,coz in her profile said she's from India

but her pics don't look like an Indian,plus she can't record the vdo for proving she's real.

Don't you think there should be a law to prevent fakers?

They're too many to take now.



The day before Halloween,I went out with Nana.

At first,I was only to give the the money for the yukata.

But since we haven't hang out together from a long while so we went to have some lunch and go shopping together.

We had some lunch at Kobune,a Japanese restaurant.

This is what I ordered.

After that we went to the shopping arcade coz Nana wants to buy some onepiece.

We also took a lot of pic tho but I'll just upload some.

I think my bangs still too long even I've just cute it.

My eyes are always look too small = =

And for the Halloween,I did some photo also

A bunny XDD

I actually did the Witch version also,it's now my facebook profile pic.

Yeah,that was it XDD

I guess it's too late to say "Happy Halloween" anyway.

Now is November and my birthday is this Friday to come =w=