I'm back

Finally,I decided to start writing blog again since I already got my new laptop :D
But well,yeah...it feels like I have to start it all over again.
I have to create my watermark image again since all of my files are gone :'(
And...I kidda sure that people on blogger has forgotten about me already.
Actually,since I stopped writing blog,I rarely get on blogger also.
That why I didn't go comment on anyone's blog.
But from now on I'll go comment on ppl's blog as I used to do.

Anyway,this is my most recent pic.
I tried on new clothes today and did on my makeup to match it.
Well,I kidda know that it's a fail.
Maybe I shouldn't have put on thick lower lash...
Anyway,at least I know what's not to do next time.

Btw,I feel like I'm getting a lot fatter now :'(
My dad always tell me to go to the fitness downstairs but I'm always too lazy to.
But now I think it's time to get serious with it!!
Wish me some luck.
Next time I'll find something more interesting to write about.
See you >_<

P.S.I put on hime gyaru tag coz at least I think I look gyaru enough.
So,if you think I don't,feel free to tell.