New job+gyaru attempt

After a few job interviews,I finally got a job!!
Starting tomorrow,I'll be working in a Japanese machinery firm as an interpreter.
I hope everything will be fine since I didn't graduate with Japanese major.
But yeah,the salary was ok and I could learn Japanese at the same time also :D

And also,I've already moved in my condo :D
New job,new place,I guess that what's called a 'new life'.
We got what it's needed for our condo already even the sofa and dining table haven't arrived yet.
I still need a new laptop and a good internet at my condo but I'll settle that once I got my salary.

I have some pics of what I wear to the job interview to share also.
My makeup
I think I look somewhat OL-like...
Actually,I don't really like to wear something that looks so professional.
But it's for the job,it can't be helped.

I did what I like also.
Recently,I got stuffs I ordered delivered to me so,I decided to try it.
Maybe I should order gyaru nails to fit with this?
I think I'm more than just chubby!!
Need to go to fitness now!!
It's almost the first time that I took a pic and realized how big my bottom and legs are.
I decided to keep it since I might feel good later once I lost some weigh.

But yeah,dressing up like this and that isn't my actually life.
My life is just as simple just waking up at noon,cook what's left in the fridge doing something useless on the internet and go to bed late XD
But talking about cooking,I really love to do that!
This is what I cook for myself last night.
It supposed to be spicy seafood fried noodle or something.
I only used what's left in the fridge so I don't mind creating new recipe with that XD
Wearing apron,maybe I'd make a god housewife? XD
Rolling on the bed before going to sleep.
I'm not sure if I like how I look without makeup more than when I do it.
I don't normally look like this but it looks better since I've just straighten my hair a bit.

I guess that's what about it today,thanks for reading.