How to get me follow your blog

What kind of blog I will follow?

1.Blogs that I like
-Contains of gyaru style,hime-kei and Japanese fashion loves.I'll follow their blog first on my own will.I'll give comments on their blog and sometimes I might ask them to visit my blog sometimes but it's really up to them if they want to follow my blog or not.But I'll likely to to remember ppl who followed me back,give me comments or reply to my comment in Disqus since I read every replies.I tend to comment every of the new post they make once I remember them.

2.Blogs of ppl who followed me
-I've seen some ppl give me some random comment with their blog's link.Well,it's ok,I'll follow your blog back even tho it might not be of something I'm interested in.If they always give me comment on my new post,I'll comment do the same of them and I'll consider their blogs the same as blogs that I like.But I won't follow the blogger who just gave out random comments with just their links and don't even follow me.To me,it's not sincere and kidda cheat.If you really want to be friend and catch up with me you'd follow my blog so you can always communicate with me via blog.I don't want to follow ones who just want many followers so that they simply comment on anyone blog with their links and soon to forget them.

So,basically if I don't follow you first and you want me to follow you then you have to :
-Follow my blog 
-Give me comment so that I'll know you want me to follow you back.

How would I react to those who are out of my rules?
-I'd at least visit their blog and give them a comment back,but that's all to it.No more comment on new post since I won't follow them back if they're not following me.