Recent addiction+Agejo attempt

First of all I'd like to thank you for the feedback on my previous post.
It's always good to know that there's someone waiting to read what I'm going to write.

Well,actually I've resigned from my last job for a while now.
I found that it was too tiring to travel a lot and work on Saturday ;w;
So basically,I'm a freeloader now XD
I'm searching for the right job tho coz I don't wanna jump a every job offered to me and end up resigning too soon again.
Since I have a lot of free time to waste,I joined Stream gaming community.
But yeah,even I did so there's not many game of my type there.
Nowadays,I mostly see action games that involved with virus or zombies games while my fav type of game being RPG and simulation.
I did find an interesting game on Stream that worth the money tho.
It's an indie game called "Don't Starve"
(Photo from Stream)
In the beginning of the game you wake up and there's a man tells you that you should find something to eat before it gets dark.You must find resources like flint or stick to craft basic tool such as axe,pickaxe as well as finding something to eat.Carrots and berries are the easiest stuffs to eat in your early day but they can also be cooked if you have all the required stuff.When the night comes,you have to built a campfire or something that keeps the screen visible or else a grue will hunt you.The more day you survive,the more experience you get.Seems like it's on sale now when I'm writing this,too so if you're interested,pls check it out.
That's all about it,I didn't mean to write a game review or anything tho.
I can't deny that I've been so into games lately,I love playing games since I was young anyway.
The first thing I do every morning is go checking on Pewdiepie channel for new video XD
I've just subscribed him when he has like 8M subcribers which I think it wasn't that long ago but he's already reached 10M now *o*
Even before that I've subscribed a lot of Thai gamers like LAWBREAKER,HEARTROCKER,XCROSZ tho.That's all because I'm too scared to play horror games myself and rather someone play them for me.

Anyway,yesterday I've try Agejo style.
I want to improve my hairstyling skill tho but I guess I'm no good for Sujimori hairstyle.
It's such a trouble to try everything with my own hair tho but it's ok.
I'd like to share the result with you.


Anyway,I'd appreciate your comment and tips :)
I'm looking forward to make it better anyhow.