[Event]J-festa on Saturday

Yesterday I went to a cosplay event with my friends.
I just want to dress up something so,I used the yukata I bought last year.
Actually...yeah,I don't kidda  want to call it cosplay tho but I add some thing to my yukata also.
I makeup from home coz it'd take a long time to do it at the event.
This was my makeup and hair in the first place.
I met up with my friend,Karen.We're both dressing in yukata yesterday.
I added some fake hair so I wouldn't look so boring XD
With Karen
This pic is from Karen's phone.
Our costumes(sorry for you can't see Karen's face here >_<)
The event took place at Siam Paragon,it's so crowded!!
We were forcing our ways to the stage to see cosplayers' performance.
It was Pretty Cure on the stage.
It's just too far >_<
Can you guess what's this show?
It's Gintama!!I really like this show tho.
Cover dance.My high school friend,Aigo,was on the stage.
I think this is the first time we met each other since we've graduated XD
Nana was cosplaying Sheryl Nome.
I stayed there until it got dark XD

I think I was forcing the smile somehow.
The weather was really hot,I felt like melting!!
I have so few pics of myself and still looking forward for someone to tag me XD
Thank you for reading ^ ^


Meet up with old friends+something special

Hi,how are you doing?
Yesterday I went to meet up with some of my old friends.
I wrote about them in my Chiang Mai trip(in case you want to check out my old entry XD).
Our guide,Bou,has moved to study near Bangkok now so we can meet up with her more.

We met up at Digital Gatewat,Siam and went to have some meal.
Aum and Bou.
I don't know why I always end up at Japanese restaurant XD
Next time gotta try something different!!
This is what I ordered,Chicken Teriyaki set.
Of course,we went to take Purikura,too.
Just couldn't miss it XD

I think I makeup way too much comparing to them.
Just jealous for their natural beauty XD
Then we did 'something special' which was my request and I'll take about that later.
Bou has to go home early after that so it's just me and Aum left.
It rained so hard in the evening so we decided to have some ice-cream before going home.
It's kid's menu tho but I wanted to try.
It looks funny somehow XD

Here comes the special part.
This 21st August will be my bf's birthday,he'll be 28 this year.
But since we're living so far from each other(USA and Thailand),we just can't celebrate it together.
So,I decide to do something to celebrate it for him.
I planned to buy a cake,take the pic and send it to him.
But yeah,I have to thank my friends for listening to my selfish request also >_<
This is the birthday cake we bought.
Me with the cake.
Pic from Aum's phone.

That's it for today,thank you for reading my blog ^ ^


Mother's Day

Hi,finally my pc is back!! :D
And it's surprising that the one who fixed it was my annoying little brother!!
But thanks to him that I'm able to get back to Blogger anyway.

On 12th August was Thailand's Mother's Day.
Since I can earn my own money this year,I decide to do something special for my mother.
My father was still in Germany on that day,so it's just me,my mom and my brother to celebrate the day.
I took them to Siam,start with Purikura at Digital Gateway first.
My brother didn't join us coz just once is already enough for him XD
And then we went to eat at Fuji Restaurant.
I've already eaten my Hamburg before I realized that we haven't took pic of it yet.
Mom and brother.
Sadly,I didn't take the pic of the food we had.
After the meal,my brother was going to take mom to go watching movie with him.
I didn't join them coz I didn't what I want to watch.
So,I decided to go shopping for some present for my mom instead.
We took some pics before separating.
Our outfit for the day.
Most of the stuff I wear is from Liz Lisa XDD

And here is the present I bought for my mom.
My Beauty Diary boxset and Maybelline lipstick.
She said she loves them tho.
It's the first time I buy present for my mom but yeah...I think it feels good to do something for my mom somehow.
Amyway,thanks for reading my blog.


Nana's Birthday

Yesterday I went to my friend's Birthday.
Actually,a cosplay/japanese fashion street event was being held on that day also.
I went there a bit late coz I think I don't have anything much to do with it.
By the way,this is my makeup from yesterday.

First,I dropped off at Terminal 21 first to have lunch with my parents.
And then we went to Siam Paragon to park the car there.
My dad took some of my photo here.

And I went to meet up with my friend,Nana,after separated with my parents.
I found out that a lot people came to her birthday party tho,I only know some of them >_<
Well,actually I was always nervous when there're a lot of stranger tho.
I know I look gloomy,scary,annoyed or whatever XD
Anyway,after everyone came,we went to take purikura.

You can see that the other girls look sweet here and I'm like the odd one.
After taking purikura we went to have dinner at Siam Paragon(again) XD
Nana opened the present I gave her here,I bought her a pack of Ageha eyelashes.
Actually,because I'm in love with eyelashes!! XD
Finally my pic with Nana.
Pics from Nana's fb.

That's it for today,thanks for reading my blog.