Hell Yeah!!!

I feel like so many things happened in just a few days!!
First,I dyed my hair black yesterday and this is how I currently look like.
No gyaru make,no circle lens,no wig.
I look so different XD
But it feels good just to be myself :)
Of course,I will still do gyaru when I feel like.
I dyed my hair black coz of professional purpose.
I believe it's one of the reason I don't get a job.
Ans it seems like I was right!!
Today I went to a job interview and they accept me immediately!!
I'll start working next Monday at Silom Galleria.
Apparently,the building consists of many jewel and accessories associate companies.
And the company I've applied for is one of them.
It's a handmade accessories and jewel company owned by a foreigner.
(I didn't ask him where he's from anyway)
It's a small company but seems like they have good working environment.
I'll be working as sales admin,it's pretty challenging since I've never tried this kind of job before.
I'm looking forward to work with them anyway :)
...not to mention that I feel relieved that I could pay for my Japan trip at the end of the year now XD

Also,my parents asked me yesterday if I want to go to China.
My family are going to visit my grandpa's homestead in Shantou.
I really want to go coz I've never met my relatives in China before.
But it seems like I can't now that I've just got a job :(
I've traveled to China once but we didn't go to Shantou and my grandpa didn't go with us.
They'll be visiting Macua,too.As I remember,the city was beautiful and I really want to go back again >_<

I guess that's all for the update.
I think I'll prepare for the next entry tomorrow coz I got something I want to review and seems like I wouldn't have too much free time once I started to work.
See you.