Confession about gyaru

Hi,I just feel like updating my blog today.
I got a strange feeling about me trying gyaru style.
I feel like I don't belong here somehow.
There's no excuse on the face structure coz I'm Asain.
Well, being an Asian,I should have done better than this.
You can see those perfect non-Japanese Asian gyaru everywhere but that's not me.
I had to admit that if I were someone else,I'd have high expectation when an Asian said she'd do gyaru style.
Actually,I never feel like being gyaru.
It's just me cosplaying gyaru...something like that.
There are few reason why I'm not an actual gyaru.
1.I don't have my nail painted or decorated.
2.I rarely use my own hair when I take picture.Most of them are wigs
3.I don't go to gyaru meetups nor belong to any gyarusa.
4.I don't live a gyaru life,it's more like a couch potato.
5.I'm not slim,I'm overweight
Now you can oppose to that whatever you want,it's just my lame excuses anyway.
I know that it doesn't apply to most ppl.
I don't know if I'm being too strict with myself.
I don't even know how I feel about myself.
I do whatever I feel like.
I quit when I quit .
It's not even about other ppl who told me I don't look gyaru enough.
I wouldn't give a damn if it was in that case.
It's all about me.
I feel like an emo kid now.
I kidda hate the fact that I don't belong to any category.
But hey,it's me and it's what I feel like doing. 

I'm not saying I'm gonna quit trying gyaru tho.
I love all the cute clothes and accessories.
My wardrobe is full of them and I'm not gonna sell any of it.
I just got the feeling that I will "forever trying to be gyaru" but never become an actual one.

And next,I'm going to show you gyaru pic I did today :D
Oh,how ironic posting your so-called gyaru pic after you wrote a long post complaining about it,right?
I bet I got you there.
At least I should try saying "this is my attempt on gyaru today".
But it doesn't give the impact enough so I wrote what I wrote.
I've noticed that I didn't post much about how I feel and the way I think here.
I used to wrote a lot of that kind of post when I used Exteen.
But maybe that was because I was young and naive.
If I were to hashtag myself it would be #sarcasm #trolling #antisocial #KY #swearword #moreswearword
Of course,I'm trying to be kind and nice here coz that the way they do here.
I'm not sure how nice I am if I were to measure it myself,maybe only 30% of what's shown.
Alright,I might have commented something like "Oh wow,you're so cuteeeee!!"
But I might be like "yeah,cute enough to saying I'm not lying when I said you're cute".
Basically,I just avoid praising someone if I don't think they look good.
So don't worry if you get that kind of comment.

Last but not least,I didn't say I look ugly in gyaru,did I?
I lost count of the time I admiring my 'naked face'.
So,it's normal if you think the dolled-up one is pretty.
(does that make you hate me now that I sound like an arrogant bitch?)
But if that's the way they do then go on and say
"Oh no,you are so cute,you're doing good at gyaruuuuu"
Trust me,I know what it's like when you read a blog with pic and don't know what to comment.
That might be a reason why I put up a pic here without reading the atmosphere.
Of course,I don't think this post would change anything I do.
Just sayin' :P
Are there any other negative thing about myself you wanna say but I haven't stated it?
If you got one,let me know.
Bye for now.

P.S.geez,now I don't know where my blog is heading but f**k that,I write what I want.
P.S.2 by saying 'naked face' I mean the annoying upset face I always make but maybe you don't know.