First of all,some of you who live in BKK might already know that the famous Japanese drug&cosmetic store,Tsuruha,has just opened a first branch in Bangkok.
Actually,I went there a day after it opened but just have time to update what I bought here.
Dolly Wink pencil eyeliner
Nail Remover
The mask and small packs you see is the freebie they gave me after I registered a member card.
Fiberwig Tiny Sniper
Black Stocking
Naive Facial Cleasing foam
and Sweet gyaru sticker
I actually bought it at the bookstore tho.
At first I don't know why did I buy this but it's just too cute that I couldn't resist ;w;

And finally the Prisila wigs I ordered has arrived!!
I ordered a bang and a half wig.
Both are LIYE color.
This is how they look together on my head

I actually think only 1 half wig is not enough for going extremely hime gyaru tho.
I'm planing to buy some more soon.
My makeup for today.

See you next entry.


[Review]Palty Ganache Tart+new hair style

Hi,how are you doing?
I hope you like my previous review coz today I'm back again with another XD
This time it's hair dye review ^ ^

I needed to change my hair color before the graduation ceremony.
Because the Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn would be giving us the diploma 
So...it's not a good idea for flashy hair color = =;

I used Palty hair dye Ganache Tart this time.
This is my hair color before dying.
And after.
My hair looks messy coz I braided my hair all day XD
I love the color tho,it doesn't look all black.
Actually...you can see it clearly that it's brown and I love that XD
And you may notice that I've changed my hair style also.
I've cut it off a lot and almost cry when I saw how much they cut my hair ;w;
But it's very hot here so,yeah...my hair needed to be cut anyway.
This is how it look.
how do you think? XD

That's all for today,see you next entry ^ ^


[Review]EOS Dolly Eye Pink Lens

Some of you might have heard that I've just won a giveaway from LensVillage.
All the winner can choose a pair of their choice.
And this is what I picked.
EOS Dolly Eye Pink
Diameter : 14.2mm
Water Content : 38~42%
Power Range : 0.00 to -10.00
 Life Span : 1 Year  
Manufacturer : EOS
The lens came with cute animal case.

The color looks bright but let's see how it'd look on my deep black Asian eyes XD
With natural light.
With flash.
I'm very impressive!!The color is so bright and cute!!
 I was always searching for this kind of lens!!
Pro-I love its bright color!
-Also love the eye enlargement.
Con-Because the color is bright,sometimes you'll see things in a bit pink when you roll your eyes XD
Overall ★★★★☆

Here is more photo for the review.
Guess I look better with dark hair? 

Hope this entry will be helpful to all of you ^ ^
See you next entry.


New Liz Lisa stuff and more...

This post I'm going to update my closet about what I've bought recently.
Mostly Liz Lisa stuff tho,I just love this brand!!

...I know this is crazy!!But I just can't help buying all these lovely stuff >w<
Oh and I've just bought some natural eyelashes finally.

They look nice tho,I haven't got a chance to use them yet >_<
I'm thinking of using it in my next makeup tutorial but I still have no idea about the theme yet XD
Anyway,see you next entry :D


My Himegyaru Makeup on Last Saturday

Actually,last Saturday I went to my university to take pic altogether with faculty members.
I take for just a short while so I decided to bring some clothes to change after that.
My friend,Kei,came to congratulate me on that day also.
  It's been a while since I last post the pic of my real hair? XD
The pic was from Kei's instagram tho.
My makeup for that day,I was trying himegyaru style XD
(...I should do something with my newly grown hair soon)

After we finished with the photo taking,I changed my clothes and to my new Liz Lisa dress >w<
A closeup on my makeup
The banquet I received as a congratulations present from Kei,thanks :D
Just in case you wonder how my new dress look like...
I was in the car with my mom and that's her leg if you're wondering about it.
Then I went to eat at MK Gold Restaurant with my family.
 checking nakeup again XD
This is what we ate.
It was my first time at MK Gold,we only used to eat at normal MK.It was so different!!
I mean...here in MK Gold,all the waiter/waitress treats you like a king and the food came so fast.
Plus all the luxury decorations...no wonder why it's more expensive than the normal one XD
I took some pics with my mom also.
I think she looks kidda young in this pic!!
...wonder if we look alike XD

I guess that's all for today.
I want to post about all of my new Liz Lisa gets in the next entry,so stay tuned if you're interested XD
Thank you for reading ^ ^


Giveaway Winner!!

Finally my giveaway has ended!!
Thank you for all your lovely feedback and for joining my 1st giveaway event.
And this is the moment you are waiting for...
I'm announcing the winner of my giveaway!!

Please contact me within 7 days if now I'll be picking the new winner.

Now I'm thinking of holding new giveaway project again.
But yeah,I still need some time to prepare first.
Hint:This time it will not be random but Rafflecopter but will be on how much you pay attention to my blog.
It also depends on how long you've followed my blog and your sensible comments on my blog.
I'll be working hard for this system and choosing the prize that is worth participating also.
Anyway,thank a lot for supporting my blog ^ ^


July Mini Beauty Hauls

Today I'm gonna update what I've just bought.
 Peach Sleeping Mask
Olay Natural White
Papaya&Carrot Soap
Coffee Soap
New Popteen Thai Edition

Actually my soap has just ran out so I'm looking for a new one.I remember a few days ago,my cousin said the organic soap works quite well also.So,I'll just give it a try.
It was said that Papaya&Carrot Soap help with the pore thingy.And coffee soap would help detoxing the skin.
...I'll try and see if they really work XD

Other than those stuff I bought,I went to Homepro(Home Product Center)
I need wallpaper and curtain for my new room.
And finally ended up with pink vintage one :D
Sadly,they don't allow me to take the pic of the wallpaper :(
So,I took the pic of myself instead XD
I wear hat for the first time but sadly the pic is too bright -3-
Here is a close up for the makeup.
I'm using Dolly Wink no.1 which I won from Hyper Gyarusa giveaway :D
And natural lower lashes...I think I should put on more red lipstick tho...I think I look too plain/pale.

Guess that's all for today.
Next time I update my blog,I'll announce the winner of my giveaway,so stay tuned!