Getting serious with life

Well,as you can see,I've been writing about my bf for 2 entries.
You might be bored of it but I think it's just not enough and the time we spent together was so short.Now he's back at USA already.

At least,I'm relieved that he safely landed there XD

Yesterday,we talked on msn and he offer me a drooling offer.
He said that he wanted me to move there with him and he'll pay half of my ticket and apartment.
Of course,I want to accept immediately but it's the matter of my parents.
Like,I've been raising in a traditional Chinese family which is so strict and they won't simply let their daughter to go live with a guy.Even my dad is more modern-headed ,I'm still not sure if he would allow me.

So,I tried asking him last night and he said I could go and visit my bf if I want but he'll go with me and he won't let me stay there for long unless I could prove to him that I'm already an adult.

So,that's why I'm dying to find a job now,I've finished writing my resume but I don't think it's good enough.Anyway,I'll just try sending it to some of the companies first.My mom said I should send it as much as I could so that if they ever contact me back then I can choose the job that fits me the most.Guess I'll be busy doing that for a while and I'll update again if I got one ^ ^

Anyway,here's a pic of me lately.

My cheek looks too puffy lllorz

Just went chilling out with my old friend,Natto.
She's taking a sick leave at her work right now because her wrists ache.
I hope she'll get well soon.

See you next entry ^ ^


Okonomiyaki+strange fb profile pic

Yesterday I went to TERMINAL 21 with my fiance
We met at Seacon Square first,I also made him a bento for breakfast and he ate it there.
Sadly,I didn't take the picture of my bento ;w;

Well,anyway when we arrived at TERMINAL 21,I decided to take some pic in the toilet first XD
The toilets here are very beautiful,each floor is decorated differently up the the floor's theme.
I think this one was at San Francisco floor

The view outside from toilet's XDD

This is what I wore yesterday.

This is how the floor looks like.

We went to see the movie first.Not many interesting film to watch tho.
We agreed to watch The Darkest Hour.

...his finger is like twice bigger than mine XD

We had about an hour before the film starts,so we just walk around and see what kind of goods they sell there.It turn out that there're only female fashion clothes XD
He was a bit disappointed so we went to find something to eat instead.
This is what we had.

Merry Mango juice,I loveeeeee mango.

Actually,he had his pack full of bakery stuff that he bought here but he just didn't have a chance to eat them while he was with me all the day XD
Well,I don't really like bakery but he loves it,I'd prefer meal but he rarely eat much of what is called 'meal'.
I tried to take photo of us here but most of the pic I took only have him and a bit-half of my face ;w;
So,I'll upload just the one and only that is opposite to that.

I almost look annoyed XD

Then we just went to watch the film,it was ok,better than Thai movies that was available.I don't know if I should call it horror movie of sci-fi movie.It's not so scary more like a sci-fi but that invisible electric things just massacred the whole city =w=;

After the finished with the film,I ask him to take me to Japanese Village restaurant.
Coz I want to eat the Okonomiya and I'll be so happy if he cook one for me.
(actually,that's even my main purpose for coming to TERMINAL 21)
And here it is!!

Nyaaaaa,so cute!!
(I'm so silly XD)

It was a lot better than one I cooked for my friends last time ;w;

That's it for yesterday,but today I found a strange thing happened with my facebook.
My profile pic automatically turned into someone else!!

It was my facebook but I don't recognized the profile pic!!
(sorry for rude caption anyway)

Well,I mean,even I'm not so beautiful but I'm already proud of what I am.
I used Google Image Search and found out that the owner of that pic also has a blog here.
I think that she's kidda cute and that's no reason she'd want to be in my facebook.
It might be just facebook sucks again,I don't know if anyone has ever had such this thing happened to them.

Anyway,see you later then.


Happy Happy Happy!!!

Happy New Year!!
It's my first entry for this year and yeah I do have some resolutions but it's just the same as other bloggers like loose weight,write interesting blog,etc so I'll just skip it.

My bf who lives in the US has coming to visit me during 2nd-16th Jan.Actually it's the first time we met coz we've been having an internet/long distance relationship for a long time XD
He bought me so many stuffs also.

Well,I never thought he would bought me so many stuffs.

Including these he-said-so engagement rings.

So,now...I'm engaged!!

Today he came to see my father also,I'm glad they could get along well ^w^

I took a pic when my father was driving.

Actually my bf was the the back seat XD

We went to purikura booth also.

(But since I told him to dress properly,he turned out a bit like a nerd XD)

It's his first time taking purikura also.

He takes care of me really well,he pays everything for me and such a gentleman.To say the truth,I thought he's going to be like...a bit cold to me but it's not like that at all and we got along so fast.We just had our first kiss today also.He's very shy that his face turned all red,so cute!!Well,I feel like we're some kind of teenager but he's already 27 and I'm already 23!!

I hope we could meet more often coz he'll only come to see me just one more day before he's going back.But I kidda understand that he can't leave his house so often coz he has to help his family tho.

I know that most ppl(or at least most of my friends) think that I should find a better looking man but I'm just so in love with him and I always think that he's good enough for me already.Now I'm even sure that I'd be such a fool to let him go...though I'd never do that XD

Next time I'm going to save money and go visit him in the US XD
That's one of my resolution for this year.

Taken after I arrived home,glad that my makeup didn't wear off so much.

See you next entry ^w^