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7 Facts About Myself

1.I also have Chinese name coz my family(my dad's side) is Chinese but I don't know how it really pronounce.I only know how to write it coz I've learned some of the alphabet from studying Japanese.This is how my Chinese name looks like 「秀文」

2.I get depressed very easy and I'm really pessimistic.

3.I have a phobia about lizards and geckos.

4.People who know me from the internet usually mistaken my height from how I look in my pics.They all said they thought I'm kidda tall but I'm only 5'1.Comparing with my weight I'm considered that I'm overweight also =_=

5.I don't like sweets and dessert,I'd prefer meals.On the contrary,my bf loves them and eats very little of the meals.That's one of the reasons I always think we're somewhat upside down from what it should be.

6.I used to hate pink and everything feminine,I'd prefer something dark and masculine back then.My cousins and my brother said that they didn't think of me as 'an elder sister' but 'an elder brother' =_=;

7.I naturally have curly and very fluffy hair but I straighten it even once in a while to make it looks better.I'm short-sighted also,about -8.00,but I hate wearing glasses so when I go out or take pics,I'll wear contact lens instead.

And that's all for the tag.I have to confess that I don't know who to tag next so I'll choose randomly by the number of comment.So,the first 7 people who comment on this entry have to do the tag.

I currently don't have anything to do much except from playing Saints Row: The Third.Sometimes I play co-op mode with my cousin but then he doesn't have much time so I just mostly play it alone and have just complete all the missions last night.

My Saints Row 3 character.

My cousin always complains that my character's boobs are too big,but it can't be help since I don't have much of boobs in real life,actually I made her eyes big,too coz I have small eyes XD

I took this pic while I was playing the game.

See you next entry ^ ^


Job interview&new items

Today I had an job interview at an online game company.The job was about translating tho...seems like something I could do,at least XD
I'm so excited about the interview,I don't even know what to wear since I've never had an office job before.
My mom told me not to wear heavy makeup or looking too gyaru,so I ended up like this.

I had my makeup,at least.

Today's coord.

I arrived at their office around 1 pm,they gave me some translation test also.It wasn't too hard anyway since I had some exp in gaming XD>The interview went fine...at least,that's what I think.>They said they'll contact me within 3-4 days so all I have to do it wait.

About my new items,I went shopping for some new makeup and this is what I get.

Foundation,eyeliner,orange cheek brush,fake lashes and facial hair removing cream.

The facial hair removing is kidda new so I bought it to try if it works.I also got some dresses.

I don't know why I bought this dress tho,I don't think I'd really have a chance to wear it.
But it just cheap and seems to be what my bf want me to wear when we go on date XD

I've been seeing this dress in my fav online shop for a while and decided to buy it since it's on sale and only have one left.

You may know by now that price is the biggest thing I'd consider when buying clothes XD
But for me cute items don't always have to be expensive,isn't it better to have items you like in a cheaper price?
At least,that's what I think so ;)


Urticaria ;w;

Yeah,I'm sick on Valentine's Day at last =3=
I'm on my period and having urticaria,it seems like I'm allergic to something I ate yesterday.
I couldn't even sleep last night coz it's itchy all over my body.
And I had to go to see the doctor in the morning so it came out that I only have about 30% HP with me =_=

This is how my skin looks like when I have urticaria.
So ugly I feel like having a 3D map of the world on my body!!

I went to a hospital nearly my parents's office at about 8.30 and had to wait for the doctor for about 30 mins.Not so long anyway,since it's a private hospital.
The doctor was so nice and kind tho,I'm kidda impressed XD
She told me that one could got urticaria when her body is weak either she's allergic to something.I guess it was because I'm having my period so my body is kidda weak coz I don't remember that I'm allergic to anything but who knows?It might be something I ate like my parents said.

I took some pic with my mom who accompanied me to the hospital also since I don't really have so much chance to take pic with her.

I really look sleepy on this pic and yeah,I'm actually SOOO sleepy.

I didn't use any makeup today since it could be allergic to my skin,you can even see a scar on my right eyebrow.It can't be seen in the most of my pic coz of the makeup.
And...sorry for annoyed face,I was really sleepy anyway.
That's why when I went back home I slept like the dead XD
I woke up around 5 p.m. seems like my skin looks better after I took the medicine.

Oh,and by the way,today there're some replies to the jobs I had applied for.
I hope I could get a job really soon.

Anyway,see you ^ ^


Happy Valentine's Day!!

It's already Valentine's Day here ^ ^
I actually not doing anything special other then blogging.
As some of you may know,me and my bf don't live in the same country,so we couldn't go out and spend time together like other couples do.
But a couple of hours ago,he posted on my facebook timeline.
It was sooooo sweet and I'm really happy,he really made my day.
He told me he's working hard to save money so he could come visit me more often.
Actually,I'm really worried that he'd be over-working :(
He's also sick right now,I really wish he would get well soon.
I really miss the time we're together.

I had to admit that I really,really love and addicted to him XD
But I also have to admit that he's just a normal guy.
Yeah,it's not like he's not born only to be in love with me,he also flirted with other girl,made me worried or even was mad at me like any guy would do.
But what makes him special is that I love him,he loves me,we both know it and want to treasure this relationships until our lives are over.
I now know that this is the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with and grow old together with him.



Just kidding XDD

And that's was for my bf XD
I want to wish all of you a Happy Valentines's day as well,no matter if you're single,taken or having a secret crush,I'm sure there'll be someone waiting to be your Valentine ^ ^

Sorry for bad quality,it was taken from my camera phone since my parent bought the camera away with them while they went on vacation = =

And guess what,I now have 60+ followers!!
I've just started blogging for about 4 months and this is already too great for me.
Thank you everyone,I'll try to update this blog more often so that I can improve my blog to be better and better ^ ^


My first gyaru makeup tutorial

Hi,I'm back!!
There was some problem that I wasn't able to use my pc for I while so I didn't update my blog nor comment anybody,I'm so sorry for that.

I think I should update something today...well,actually I was bored XD
I took some photo today with before and after makeup.
It didn't mean to be a full gyaru makeup tutorial tho,I just use some adaption
Anyway,have I upload some of my non-makeup face before?
I don't remember coz it makes no different to me coz when I went out and my makeup already wore off everytime I decided to take pics for my blog.
So,that might be half makeup face? XDDD

I'll start with non-makeup first.


I'd look like male if it's not because of my hair...

Foundation+ eyeshadow +eyebrow coating

Eyeliner+fake eyelash+lower eyelash+highlighting nose+lipstick+lip gloss

unbraid hair+camera flash

Dress up


How was it?
Or maybe I should do a video tutorial?But I've never done that kind of thing before.
I think I'll be more embarrassed with video XD
Plus,I still got a lot to learn about gyaru makeup,I hope I'll get better at it someday UwU

See you then.