[Event]Tokyo Gals Fes with Yumachi and Aina

Yesterday I went to attend Tokyo Gals Festival at Terminal21 coz I heard Yumachi and Aina will be modeling and have a mini show there.
Here's the flyer.
I arrived at Terminal 21 around 1pm there're still no much ppl and the show hadn't seem to start yet.
So I went to buy something for lunch.
Merry Mango juice again with Chucream.

When I went back to the event,15jam is already on stage.
After the show was a fashion show by Kaoruko-sensei,a famous wedding producer.
And guess what...Yumachi!!!
And of course,Aina was there,too.

Wanna get married?I DO!!! XDD
Well,this is just some example tho coz I took tons of pics including wedding collection,sportswear collection and summer collection.It's not a good idea to try uploading them all here.
But if you're already my fb friend then you can check it out ^ ^
For ones that haven't add me you can always do,I'll accept your add immediately if I remember that you're from blogger or are my follower.

Well,let's move on
After the fashion show they took some pics with amateur models.
And then mini-live show.
Yumachi's voice is soooo cute!!While Aina voice is more sexy and I think it matches her well.
Their songs are very refreshing and fun,and I'd say they're suitable for summer XD
They also taught use the use of  「あげぽよ!」
For some of you that might not know,it's a gal's language used when you feel extremely excited or very happy.

There were other shows like young models' fashion,hair-styling show and cover dance but once I'm proudly present is j-rock cover live.Personally coz I'm into J-rock XD
There're 2 bands that played in this event.
The first band is Crux,cover L'arc en Ciel.
They're pretty good,love the vocal's voice,it's very closed to the original!

The other band is Malerose.
Have you ever heard of them?I believe some of you do coz they're kidda being known in other country also.
Totally vk,right?They cover The Gazette but they also have their own original songs.
I can tell that they have many fan XDD

Now let's get back to me XDD
I went to the event with Karen,whom I successfully psycho her to create blog here XD

We also got interviewed by Japanese media!! XDD
They said they're going to post the interview and video of us on Japanese site but well,I think I'm getting used to this since something like this happened to me before when I cosplayed Satsuki from Rentrer en Soi.
I never know the site my interview would be on tho XD

Here's my make up for the day
New bottom lashes I just bought,but sadly the glue didn't stay there for too long so I had to remove them.

My outfits.
I wish the dress were shorter XD

My nails.
I'm not good at nail-decorating so I just simple painted them.
The ring was one that my bf gave to me,I wish I could were it more often but since Thailand isn't that safe,so....XD

Last but not least.

Eating choco-bananacream-bun at while watching cover live XD

I hope you enjoy this entry ^ ^
See you next time.