Finally got a job/new gets

A few days ago the game company that I've applied for and wrote about in my previous post had invited me to take the 2nd round interview.
I was a bit nervous this time but yeah,I finally got my first job!!
They said I could start working immediately from next week.
Actually...it's tomorrow XD
I'm so excited,I don't know how heavy the job would be but gotta assume that it'd consume all of my time that means I might not have enough time to give comments to your blog like always but I'll try my best on everything anyway :D

Well,since I'll start working very soon so I went shopping for clothes and other stuffs that I could wear for work.
And these are what I got.

The Clothes

The Accessories

Actually,I've never wear belt before but I'll start using it.

The Makeup

Concealer and brow eye shadow palette.

I don't take a lot of pic recently since I only wear light makeup for job interview...I don't think I look so good with light makeup anyway.But at least,this is how I look recently.

I took this pic after arriving home from the 2nd round interview.

Anyway,see you next time.