Quick update:New theme

Finally,I decided to change my blog's theme :D
I didn't change the layout much but I'm quite satisfied with it.
And I want to share some pics of this photo set.
I tried my best to look himegyaru tho,this is how it turned out.
(The header was heavy photoshoped,btw)

I use wig(yeah,a wig not a half wig) as a half wig XD
Only bang is my real hair,I'm glad it look quite volumed :D
That's for it XD

Tomorrow I'm going to visit my family graveyard for the first time!!
I'm so excited coz I wasn't allow to go here when I was young.
I'll update date about that again when I have time ^ ^

P.S.I'm thinking about creating some giveaway event.
Maybe,I'll do it when my follower hit a nice number XD

See you next entry.