April's new items!!

It's been a while since I last updated my blog.
Well,my first month salary has came out...and had gone with my shopping!! 
Today I'll just simply show you what did I spend my money on XDD

This one is a slimming hot gel...yeah,I thought it could help me slimming up my body.
Well,you might feel like burning in hell after applied to your body but I think that's how it works.
I feel a bit slimmer now and I think it'd be better to use it daily but well...Thailand is ready hot enough = =;

Fur collar,I've bought it for 150baht...cheap?
I dunno since I don't normally buy collar deco but this one is just too cute XD

Pink rabbit jacket,this one is like my fav one!!
the fur is soooo soft and the color is very cute,I wish to wear this in my office but I guess that would be too flashy XD

Floral mini dress again!!I just love this kind of item.
I'll show you another pic of it so you could see some more detail.

Black mini dress,I bought it for only 100baht!!

Whitening peach soap,I bought the soap for 3 pieces cause my high school classmate was a presenter of this brand.And one of it would be in my giveaway also so stay tune!! :D
I also bought 3 pair of lens but I forgot to take pic of them = =;

Today I doll up a lil bit so I'm going to show you some pic also.
How was it? XDD

See you next time :D