Last Weekend:Qingming Festival

Finally,got a day off after first week of working XD
My office was pretty nice,it took me just around 15-30 mins to get to my office!!
I enjoy my work also even I think I'm kidda haunted about translating too much sometimes XD
I haven't got a chance to take pic of my office so I intend to do it this week.

Before I start my first week working I've been to some places.
On Saturday,I went to my dad's part-time office.
He got some stuff to do over there so I just took some pics while waiting.

Sometimes my hair color is divided in 2 tone like this...well,I actually like it tho.

(I forgot to color my eyebrows = =;)
Then we went to see our new condo.
It'll be finished in around May or so and we might be moving in around June.
The place was pretty nice,it has so many facilities such as sauna,fitness center and a swimming pool!!
Plus,it's near our current home so we could always go back to visit our relatives
.I just can't wait to move in!! XD
I've taken some pics of it also.

The swimming pool is at 7th floor

My dad

Such a really bad pic of me =3=;

The view from 7th floor

On Sunday,I went to visit my ancestors' graves with my dad,my grand parents and some relatives.
Well,my family is traditional Chinese,as you may know,we celebrate Chinese New Year,worship Gaunyin,don't eat beef and this grave visiting thing is called Qingming Festival.
We visit our ancestors' grave to pay respect to them annually in a certain time of the year,but this is my first time participating in this festival since they said it's not good for little children to participate in but now I've grown up.
The first grave we went to was my Ah Kong(grandpa)'s step father.
Actually,he was my grandpa's uncle but when my grandpa came to live with him in Thailand,he adopted my grandpa as his son.But my grandpa told me that his adoptive father actually had his own family in China.

The graveyard is located at Samut Prakarn,same province as my bf house in Thailand XD

The grave.

Ah Kong is paying respect to the grave.

Me and Ah Ma(grandma).

It's my turn now.

After the family members paid respect to the dead,we decorated the grave with color paper and burn paper money believed that they could use this money in the next world.

Seems like easy but it's really hard to burn all these paper money in such a windy day = =;

The next grave we visit is my Ah Ma's parents,it's in Chonburi province where the famous Pattaya is located

Overview of the graveyard.

The grave of my grandma's parents,I supposed they where buried together here coz there're 2 names engraved on the marble stone.

My Ah Ma and Ah Kong,I was taught to call them like this since I was very young and they're the ones who raised me up since my parents are busy with their works.No wonder that I might have a very traditional way of thinking and I was proud that a part of me is Chinese.I love watching traditional Chinese movies and it's funny how I remember that when I was about 7,my ideal guy was Chinese movie's hero XDDD
I might not look like one but love to study about history,I can't remember how many times I've watched and read Legend of the 3 Kingdoms!
I do enjoy visiting Chinese temple also,actually we did visit some Chinese temples after visiting the graves but my dad haven't given me the pics yet.I still remember that I always read the prayer to Quanyin every morning with my grandma.
I think it's good to learn about your family's origin and be proud of it.

Here's a pic of me in Qingming Festival day.

It was a windy day but the sun also shined so bright,that why it turned out like this when I tried to take a pic of myself XD

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Actually,I added twitter widget also but I rarely update it = =
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P.S.2-In case you don't know,there're 3 sources where my pics came from.
1.my phone's camara: the pic is really small,not in a good quality but I love to take pic of myself using this one.It's easy and came out better since you can't see much detail of my face XDD
2.galaxy tab: the pic is bigger,the quality is better than the 1st one unless I put it in pic deco apps...I'm not good at editing pic on android so I'd avoid doing that as much as I could.
3.my camera:the pic is big and in a good quality.Nothing more to say,it's camera!!It's for taking pics!! XDD