Crossdress Transformation

Hi,everyone Today I'm going to try something out since I still have a lil bit time before start working for real(12th March).I want to try this for a while but I wasn't ready but now I know that I have to do it now or never XD

I've seen my inspiration in Popteen January.I bought Thai edition since it's available here,I don't know if the content is the same as original one.
And here it is.

Actually,there're many popteen models participating in this column but I'll choose Okarie since she's my fav model.
I don't have many stuff to wear tho,I used what was available in my house to dress upThis is how it turn out like.

Are you ready? XD

...Hope I don't remind you of Kanon//facepalm
That's how I always look with black hair tho,that's why I dyed it blond.
But the makeup took me less time than my normal makeup tho.
It's pretty easy to do guy character makeup but I just haven't done it in a while.

One last pic,I decided to take the white streak out...maybe to look less vk.

See you next entry.