New items+some cosplay photos

It's my 2nd week of working and guess what I've already planned to buy stuff from Yumetenbo!
I think my salary will be gone as soon as it ever came out XD

I've bought some new stuff this week,too.
Here's what I got.

Cezanne's nose highlight,I've heard it's a must-have item so I'll give it a try.

Shower gel,brown palette eyeshadow and a small scissor.

And here's what I've been waiting for so long....

Brave10 vol.8!!
I'm addicted to this XDDAs I told you I like historic thingy and Sengoku era is the most interesting one for me.
It's about Sanada Yukimura's ninja squad contains of 10 heroes.
But I do love Date Masamune tho,I think he's very cool...as some of you might I've seen him in Sengoku Basara.But Kairi sensei decided to make him more....emmm...drooling? XDD
I've cosplayed Date Masamune in Sengoku Basara before and I'm looking forward to cosplaying Brave10 version also :D

By the way,since I'm talking about Brave10,I'm show you some of my Brave10 cosplay I did a while ago :D
I was cosplaying as the...hmmm... heroine?Her name is Isanami.
My friend,Riki,was doing the main character,Kirigakure Saizo.
Well,I'll telling you in advance if you wonder about the gender of my friend,she's girl XD
That should be enough,I want to re-cosplay this character again once I have free time.
Actually,I don't do female character much and you might not believe that i used to cosplayed Ulquiorra Segunda Etapa form also XDD

See you next entry :D