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7 Facts About Myself

1.I also have Chinese name coz my family(my dad's side) is Chinese but I don't know how it really pronounce.I only know how to write it coz I've learned some of the alphabet from studying Japanese.This is how my Chinese name looks like 「秀文」

2.I get depressed very easy and I'm really pessimistic.

3.I have a phobia about lizards and geckos.

4.People who know me from the internet usually mistaken my height from how I look in my pics.They all said they thought I'm kidda tall but I'm only 5'1.Comparing with my weight I'm considered that I'm overweight also =_=

5.I don't like sweets and dessert,I'd prefer meals.On the contrary,my bf loves them and eats very little of the meals.That's one of the reasons I always think we're somewhat upside down from what it should be.

6.I used to hate pink and everything feminine,I'd prefer something dark and masculine back then.My cousins and my brother said that they didn't think of me as 'an elder sister' but 'an elder brother' =_=;

7.I naturally have curly and very fluffy hair but I straighten it even once in a while to make it looks better.I'm short-sighted also,about -8.00,but I hate wearing glasses so when I go out or take pics,I'll wear contact lens instead.

And that's all for the tag.I have to confess that I don't know who to tag next so I'll choose randomly by the number of comment.So,the first 7 people who comment on this entry have to do the tag.

I currently don't have anything to do much except from playing Saints Row: The Third.Sometimes I play co-op mode with my cousin but then he doesn't have much time so I just mostly play it alone and have just complete all the missions last night.

My Saints Row 3 character.

My cousin always complains that my character's boobs are too big,but it can't be help since I don't have much of boobs in real life,actually I made her eyes big,too coz I have small eyes XD

I took this pic while I was playing the game.

See you next entry ^ ^