First of all,some of you who live in BKK might already know that the famous Japanese drug&cosmetic store,Tsuruha,has just opened a first branch in Bangkok.
Actually,I went there a day after it opened but just have time to update what I bought here.
Dolly Wink pencil eyeliner
Nail Remover
The mask and small packs you see is the freebie they gave me after I registered a member card.
Fiberwig Tiny Sniper
Black Stocking
Naive Facial Cleasing foam
and Sweet gyaru sticker
I actually bought it at the bookstore tho.
At first I don't know why did I buy this but it's just too cute that I couldn't resist ;w;

And finally the Prisila wigs I ordered has arrived!!
I ordered a bang and a half wig.
Both are LIYE color.
This is how they look together on my head

I actually think only 1 half wig is not enough for going extremely hime gyaru tho.
I'm planing to buy some more soon.
My makeup for today.

See you next entry.