[Review]Palty Ganache Tart+new hair style

Hi,how are you doing?
I hope you like my previous review coz today I'm back again with another XD
This time it's hair dye review ^ ^

I needed to change my hair color before the graduation ceremony.
Because the Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn would be giving us the diploma 
So...it's not a good idea for flashy hair color = =;

I used Palty hair dye Ganache Tart this time.
This is my hair color before dying.
And after.
My hair looks messy coz I braided my hair all day XD
I love the color tho,it doesn't look all black.
Actually...you can see it clearly that it's brown and I love that XD
And you may notice that I've changed my hair style also.
I've cut it off a lot and almost cry when I saw how much they cut my hair ;w;
But it's very hot here so,yeah...my hair needed to be cut anyway.
This is how it look.
how do you think? XD

That's all for today,see you next entry ^ ^