My Himegyaru Makeup on Last Saturday

Actually,last Saturday I went to my university to take pic altogether with faculty members.
I take for just a short while so I decided to bring some clothes to change after that.
My friend,Kei,came to congratulate me on that day also.
  It's been a while since I last post the pic of my real hair? XD
The pic was from Kei's instagram tho.
My makeup for that day,I was trying himegyaru style XD
(...I should do something with my newly grown hair soon)

After we finished with the photo taking,I changed my clothes and to my new Liz Lisa dress >w<
A closeup on my makeup
The banquet I received as a congratulations present from Kei,thanks :D
Just in case you wonder how my new dress look like...
I was in the car with my mom and that's her leg if you're wondering about it.
Then I went to eat at MK Gold Restaurant with my family.
 checking nakeup again XD
This is what we ate.
It was my first time at MK Gold,we only used to eat at normal MK.It was so different!!
I mean...here in MK Gold,all the waiter/waitress treats you like a king and the food came so fast.
Plus all the luxury decorations...no wonder why it's more expensive than the normal one XD
I took some pics with my mom also.
I think she looks kidda young in this pic!!
...wonder if we look alike XD

I guess that's all for today.
I want to post about all of my new Liz Lisa gets in the next entry,so stay tuned if you're interested XD
Thank you for reading ^ ^