Nana's Birthday

Yesterday I went to my friend's Birthday.
Actually,a cosplay/japanese fashion street event was being held on that day also.
I went there a bit late coz I think I don't have anything much to do with it.
By the way,this is my makeup from yesterday.

First,I dropped off at Terminal 21 first to have lunch with my parents.
And then we went to Siam Paragon to park the car there.
My dad took some of my photo here.

And I went to meet up with my friend,Nana,after separated with my parents.
I found out that a lot people came to her birthday party tho,I only know some of them >_<
Well,actually I was always nervous when there're a lot of stranger tho.
I know I look gloomy,scary,annoyed or whatever XD
Anyway,after everyone came,we went to take purikura.

You can see that the other girls look sweet here and I'm like the odd one.
After taking purikura we went to have dinner at Siam Paragon(again) XD
Nana opened the present I gave her here,I bought her a pack of Ageha eyelashes.
Actually,because I'm in love with eyelashes!! XD
Finally my pic with Nana.
Pics from Nana's fb.

That's it for today,thanks for reading my blog.

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  1. aaa bb i saw ur comment just today!!! <3 i already saw u ihihih in the last pic u re so gorgeous!!! you know i love thailand???!!!! ADOPT MEEE