July Mini Beauty Hauls

Today I'm gonna update what I've just bought.
 Peach Sleeping Mask
Olay Natural White
Papaya&Carrot Soap
Coffee Soap
New Popteen Thai Edition

Actually my soap has just ran out so I'm looking for a new one.I remember a few days ago,my cousin said the organic soap works quite well also.So,I'll just give it a try.
It was said that Papaya&Carrot Soap help with the pore thingy.And coffee soap would help detoxing the skin.
...I'll try and see if they really work XD

Other than those stuff I bought,I went to Homepro(Home Product Center)
I need wallpaper and curtain for my new room.
And finally ended up with pink vintage one :D
Sadly,they don't allow me to take the pic of the wallpaper :(
So,I took the pic of myself instead XD
I wear hat for the first time but sadly the pic is too bright -3-
Here is a close up for the makeup.
I'm using Dolly Wink no.1 which I won from Hyper Gyarusa giveaway :D
And natural lower lashes...I think I should put on more red lipstick tho...I think I look too plain/pale.

Guess that's all for today.
Next time I update my blog,I'll announce the winner of my giveaway,so stay tuned!