Job interview&new items

Today I had an job interview at an online game company.The job was about translating tho...seems like something I could do,at least XD
I'm so excited about the interview,I don't even know what to wear since I've never had an office job before.
My mom told me not to wear heavy makeup or looking too gyaru,so I ended up like this.

I had my makeup,at least.

Today's coord.

I arrived at their office around 1 pm,they gave me some translation test also.It wasn't too hard anyway since I had some exp in gaming XD>The interview went fine...at least,that's what I think.>They said they'll contact me within 3-4 days so all I have to do it wait.

About my new items,I went shopping for some new makeup and this is what I get.

Foundation,eyeliner,orange cheek brush,fake lashes and facial hair removing cream.

The facial hair removing is kidda new so I bought it to try if it works.I also got some dresses.

I don't know why I bought this dress tho,I don't think I'd really have a chance to wear it.
But it just cheap and seems to be what my bf want me to wear when we go on date XD

I've been seeing this dress in my fav online shop for a while and decided to buy it since it's on sale and only have one left.

You may know by now that price is the biggest thing I'd consider when buying clothes XD
But for me cute items don't always have to be expensive,isn't it better to have items you like in a cheaper price?
At least,that's what I think so ;)