Happy Valentine's Day!!

It's already Valentine's Day here ^ ^
I actually not doing anything special other then blogging.
As some of you may know,me and my bf don't live in the same country,so we couldn't go out and spend time together like other couples do.
But a couple of hours ago,he posted on my facebook timeline.
It was sooooo sweet and I'm really happy,he really made my day.
He told me he's working hard to save money so he could come visit me more often.
Actually,I'm really worried that he'd be over-working :(
He's also sick right now,I really wish he would get well soon.
I really miss the time we're together.

I had to admit that I really,really love and addicted to him XD
But I also have to admit that he's just a normal guy.
Yeah,it's not like he's not born only to be in love with me,he also flirted with other girl,made me worried or even was mad at me like any guy would do.
But what makes him special is that I love him,he loves me,we both know it and want to treasure this relationships until our lives are over.
I now know that this is the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with and grow old together with him.



Just kidding XDD

And that's was for my bf XD
I want to wish all of you a Happy Valentines's day as well,no matter if you're single,taken or having a secret crush,I'm sure there'll be someone waiting to be your Valentine ^ ^

Sorry for bad quality,it was taken from my camera phone since my parent bought the camera away with them while they went on vacation = =

And guess what,I now have 60+ followers!!
I've just started blogging for about 4 months and this is already too great for me.
Thank you everyone,I'll try to update this blog more often so that I can improve my blog to be better and better ^ ^