My first gyaru makeup tutorial

Hi,I'm back!!
There was some problem that I wasn't able to use my pc for I while so I didn't update my blog nor comment anybody,I'm so sorry for that.

I think I should update something today...well,actually I was bored XD
I took some photo today with before and after makeup.
It didn't mean to be a full gyaru makeup tutorial tho,I just use some adaption
Anyway,have I upload some of my non-makeup face before?
I don't remember coz it makes no different to me coz when I went out and my makeup already wore off everytime I decided to take pics for my blog.
So,that might be half makeup face? XDDD

I'll start with non-makeup first.


I'd look like male if it's not because of my hair...

Foundation+ eyeshadow +eyebrow coating

Eyeliner+fake eyelash+lower eyelash+highlighting nose+lipstick+lip gloss

unbraid hair+camera flash

Dress up


How was it?
Or maybe I should do a video tutorial?But I've never done that kind of thing before.
I think I'll be more embarrassed with video XD
Plus,I still got a lot to learn about gyaru makeup,I hope I'll get better at it someday UwU

See you then.