Getting serious with life

Well,as you can see,I've been writing about my bf for 2 entries.
You might be bored of it but I think it's just not enough and the time we spent together was so short.Now he's back at USA already.

At least,I'm relieved that he safely landed there XD

Yesterday,we talked on msn and he offer me a drooling offer.
He said that he wanted me to move there with him and he'll pay half of my ticket and apartment.
Of course,I want to accept immediately but it's the matter of my parents.
Like,I've been raising in a traditional Chinese family which is so strict and they won't simply let their daughter to go live with a guy.Even my dad is more modern-headed ,I'm still not sure if he would allow me.

So,I tried asking him last night and he said I could go and visit my bf if I want but he'll go with me and he won't let me stay there for long unless I could prove to him that I'm already an adult.

So,that's why I'm dying to find a job now,I've finished writing my resume but I don't think it's good enough.Anyway,I'll just try sending it to some of the companies first.My mom said I should send it as much as I could so that if they ever contact me back then I can choose the job that fits me the most.Guess I'll be busy doing that for a while and I'll update again if I got one ^ ^

Anyway,here's a pic of me lately.

My cheek looks too puffy lllorz

Just went chilling out with my old friend,Natto.
She's taking a sick leave at her work right now because her wrists ache.
I hope she'll get well soon.

See you next entry ^ ^