Last entry for this year

Today is the last year of the year already...and I'm broke already XD
Hope I could make more money next year ;w;
Anyway,gotta say "Happy New Year!!" now coz I won't be able to log on Blogger for a while during new year.Sorry if I can't comment your post during this time.Btw,I do comment everyone who I followed if it's written in English/using normal comment box or Disqus.

By the way,yesterday I went to celebrate early New Year with my friend,Meiar.
She wanted to pay for the meal coz she said that she hadn't given me my birthday present.
We met at Seacon Square and directly went to Ma-Cool-Ya,a hotpot buffet restaurant.

It's my first time eating here but she recommended it,so I'll give it try.


This is Meiar.

And this is me XD

I took some pics of the food available there.

What I like the most about this restaurant is that they have Takoyaki available,too!!

You might be wonder why the first pic said Ma-Cool-Ya is a hot&cool cooking pot restaurant.
Here is the answer.
They have fried ice-cream and can fry it yourself in the cooking pot.
It looks like this

Chocolate and orange ice-cream juice,you can see my friend frying the strawberry one in the background.

And since I've tried to upload the vdo of me frying the ice-cream on Blogger but it didn't success so I'll upload it on my fb page and how you the finished one instead.

Orange fried ice-cream.

For me it's quite an impressive restaurant even though I'd only prefer to come eat here with friends coz if you come with family member and you have to pay for all of them,it'd be quite expensive.

When we finished eating,I finally got a chance to take some snapshot of what I wore yesterday.

Actually,it's the first time I wear sleeveless dress and go out >_<
And it's just because I couldn't find a matching jacket XDD

We took a walk around and found that there's X'mas and New Year event booths at the convention space.

I didn't buy anything here but Meiar got herself some of cute earphone wire rollers.

We then went shopping at Season Shopping Arcade and this is what I bought.

I'm obsessed with floral items!!

After spending all of our money,we agreed to go home by walking pass Paradise Park and happened to see the cute New Year decoration so,we took some pics here before going home.

Meiar said I and that red Japanese girl doll just look the same XD

...I really hate it when my bang is breaking >_<; but this is the only pic we took together XD

That's all for today,Happy New Year again,everyone ^ ^

P.S.Next entry I'll do something surprising,just got an inspiration from Popteen new volume.