About my blog

I almost forget that it's X'mas week until I've browsed through all the blog I'm following XD
I don't have any special plan for X'mas coz we don't really celebrate it here.
Plus.....I have no one to celebrate with ;w;

As you might see that I'm asking for all the ppl I'm following to follow my blog also XD
I'm really sorry for bothering you all but I wanna make some friends here since I've just started writing blog here so I don't know anyone yet.
But it'd be boring to follow an uninteresting blog =3=
So,I intend to write about some tip or interesting things I could share with you all.
But...I'm like...I can do everything but not yet good at anything XD
So,I'm giving out some example of what I'd be writing about the most.
For anyone that came here to decide you should follow my blog or not
And for myself to not to write about something uninteresting and stupid here XD

Here's some example of what I like.

1.Gyaru fashion/makeup

Of course,I want to be a gyaru!!I'm trying to improve my style by trying out new makeup and hairstyle.I'd like to share some tip I discovered on the way also XD I love dressing up also.I try everything from sexy gyaru to moe gyaru but what I love the most is hime gyaru.So,be prepared to see tons of lace,ribbon and pearl flowing here XD


It's my happiness XD I love to cook for friends&family.Trying out new recipe.Making bento.What I want to do the most is kyara-bento.It's soooo cute.But now I can do only normal bento coz I've not creative enough XD


Actually,not that often but I just have to take photos of the place I've visit to share to my bf who lives overseas.So,it doesn't hurt to share with everyone here =w=

Thank you for your support,I hope you'd like my blog >_<;