Winter trip/dishes day3-5

To say the truth,I'm really lazy to continue updating the final part of my Chiang Mai trip XD
But well,gotta do it anyway.
Day 3:My family arrived in the night of day 2 and decided that we'd go to visit my grandfather(my mom's father)in the morning and then I and my friend would separate with them to meet a friend who lives here.
It's my grandfather house.
People said that it looks like I don't belong to the place coz of my clothing and makeup XD
But I still remember staying here when I was young,it's quite peaceful and I love it.
After visiting my grandfather,we stopped at a small but famous restaurant around there.
The restaurant's called "Lamduon Faharm Kaosoi".

It's my "Kao Mok Kai" for breakfast.

Then we separated with my parents at Nimmanhemin st.and met up with N'Bow.
I knew her from myspace since I was in about first year university student...and was in my vk style era XD
Even so,she's much,much younger than me and this is the first time we met each other in real.

I think she looks like a little angle XDD

Well,since we met up at a "Guu" rotti shop,Aum and N'Bow decided to order something to eat there.

I don't really know what they ordered tho,I just took a bit of smashed potatoes,taste nice anyway.

I guess Aum was still full coz she can't finished up what she ordered.
Luckily,I didn't order anything special or I'd regret wasting it XD

We then took a walk along Nimmanhemin st. to Suthep Rd.
N'Bow wanted to go have a lunch at Pun Pun coz we told her the vetgetarian food there was delicious and she was vetgetarian.

Took a pic before we're going to eat.
Just ignore the monkey face,she sometimes make a strange face but actually I think she's very pretty XD

This is what we ate,most of the dishes contained of mushroom and tofu.
We took a trip to Doi Suthep after the lunch.Well,you have to beware of the bus fee here.
Actually,the fee for going up-down Doi Suthep is about 80 baht each,but some bus would require you to pay up to 500 baht just to go up Doi Suthep = =
Luckiyly,we got N'bow helped us dealing with bus chauffer so we could pay lower then we expected from the first XD
The stairs to Suthep Temple.
Viewing point at Suthep Temple on Doi Suthep.
I think we could see all of Chiang Mai from here,it's soooo beautiful!!
Actually,we took a lot of crazy shots here but they're all in Aum's phone.
It's just some random pic I took coz I love the lighting here.
My makeup already wore off,but I still like this pic.
We stayed at Doi Suthep until the sun was going down,mostly for just taking pics XD
While we're going down we bought some hat with us also,I bought a pink fur hat with bear ears deco.Aum bought knitted strawberry-shaped one.
We got down the bus at Nimmanhemin st. and decided to go to "Din Dee"restaurant.
I didn't take the pic pic of the restaurant coz it's so dark that even I did,I wouldn't see a thing anyway.
The guide book said the owner is a Japanese but we could see that she speaks Thai very well.
It's omelet,tom yum koong and 'din dee' fried rice.
Passion fruit topping yoghurt for dessert.
It's quite dark when we finished the meal,N'Bow called here mom to pick her up and offer us a ride to our hotel also.It was another tiring but fun day.My dad phone me that he wanted to go the Meajo University coz there're having a annual fair there and tomorrow's trip was decided.
Day 4:We're travelling with my family most of the day here.Starting with breakfast,we went to "Hueng Pen" restuarant.It's quite hard to get to since it's the first time we're not heading for Nimmanhemin st. XD
Luckily,my dad borrows a GPS guide from my uncle,it works quite well tho.
They're all local dishes,excuse me for not remembering what we had ordered XD
Just took some time off while my mom wen to the restroom.
I decided not to wear heavy makeup today.
We headed to Meajo right after we finished the meal,It's up pass my grandfather's house.I think it's quite long but when we arrived there I could feel the nature once I stepped out of the car XD
I feel a bit like walking in Jatujak market somehow XD
Horse carriage.
Candy floss stand.
We also bought one.
I bought 2 pairs of sunglasses here,too
Took a pic together at the field.
Pumpkin field.
Sunflowe bed.
Everybody except me and my brother bought some plants here,hoping they won't die before we get back to bkk XD
I feel like we spent most of the day here before we left to Warorot Market for buying souvenir.
This is how the market look like.
We also had our lunch here at the top floor of the market.
Fried pork with garlic and rice.
It's already evening when everyone bought umm...souvenir,but I really think mostly of what they bought was dry food XD
My family dropped me and Aum off at Chiang Mai Walking Street...it's Sunday market if you wanna say.We're going to meet up with N'Bow again here.
It's SOOOOOOO Crowded!!
I knew that it was 5th,Thailand National Day and Father's day,so they were celebrating everywhere.but I didn't expect it to be this crowded.
I didn't even bother pick up my camera,phone or anything to take pic here coz it's too risky to be stolen.
After we met up with N'Bow,we browsed the shops and bought some appetizer/snack for dinner.
I also bought a gift for my bf here coz we found an interesting handmade shop XD
We finally arrived at some temple arounf there to find that there's some space to breathe.
And there was some decorations for the celebration also

I believe they're lamps or something XD
Our adventure began when N'Bow left.We just found that we got lost!!
Well,my mom phoned me that there're no place around to park or she wanted us to hurry to the place my dad dropped us off....and we went totally opposite way = =;
Everywhere just look the same coz the people...I really hate that.
Finally,Aum managed to locate the place we were in the map we brought.
And what we had to do was running like a ninja!!
I believe that we ran so fast that we almost fly...if we could ,we would XD
We got scolded for leaving my family to wait for too long but at least we managed to get out of the crowd.
Yeah,and that was the end of day 4 =w=
Day 5:Today we're going back by my dad's car,I'm glad that I don't have anything to post much here coz I've been writing this entry for about 3 hours already.
We just went to visit my grandfather again before leaving Chiang Mai.
My aunt and relatives there cook us a breakfast of Kanon Jeen but I can't find the pic = =
We stopped at Lumpang to visit my dad's friend,they also cook us a lunch of rice steamed with chicken.
We had dinner somewhere on our way to bkk and arrived at bkk around 8 p.m.
There was a traffic jam again,we had to escort Aum to her home first,I think it's already 10 p.m. when we got to her home.Then we left for our home.
See you again next entry.