Happy Happy Happy!!!

Happy New Year!!
It's my first entry for this year and yeah I do have some resolutions but it's just the same as other bloggers like loose weight,write interesting blog,etc so I'll just skip it.

My bf who lives in the US has coming to visit me during 2nd-16th Jan.Actually it's the first time we met coz we've been having an internet/long distance relationship for a long time XD
He bought me so many stuffs also.

Well,I never thought he would bought me so many stuffs.

Including these he-said-so engagement rings.

So,now...I'm engaged!!

Today he came to see my father also,I'm glad they could get along well ^w^

I took a pic when my father was driving.

Actually my bf was the the back seat XD

We went to purikura booth also.

(But since I told him to dress properly,he turned out a bit like a nerd XD)

It's his first time taking purikura also.

He takes care of me really well,he pays everything for me and such a gentleman.To say the truth,I thought he's going to be like...a bit cold to me but it's not like that at all and we got along so fast.We just had our first kiss today also.He's very shy that his face turned all red,so cute!!Well,I feel like we're some kind of teenager but he's already 27 and I'm already 23!!

I hope we could meet more often coz he'll only come to see me just one more day before he's going back.But I kidda understand that he can't leave his house so often coz he has to help his family tho.

I know that most ppl(or at least most of my friends) think that I should find a better looking man but I'm just so in love with him and I always think that he's good enough for me already.Now I'm even sure that I'd be such a fool to let him go...though I'd never do that XD

Next time I'm going to save money and go visit him in the US XD
That's one of my resolution for this year.

Taken after I arrived home,glad that my makeup didn't wear off so much.

See you next entry ^w^