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I've just been tagged in Miss Lolo's post
It's the first time someone ever tagged me here so I'll do my best ^ ^

Rules that must be posted

Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.

Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.

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11 facts about me:

1.I used to be tomboyish before turning to gyaru style,I only cosplay male characters and got many girls confessed their love to me...yet I didn't play along so well with them.

2.I don't like sweets or dessert,except for cheesecake.

3.I can't survive without fruits!!

4.When I was in primary school,I used to steal my crush's note book and always hope that he'd notice me someday XD

5.I don't wear makeup to school or university at all so that I look like a different person from what you see now.

6.My fav game is Sengoku Basara yet,I never own one,always play it at friend's house.

7.I actually love VK makeup and hairstyle...I used to want to be like those awesome VK guys in my old days.

8.Except for my current boyfriend,I never went out with anyone and last longer than 2 weeks.

9.I fight a lot with my brother that we almost hate each other but everyone always see us hugging each other.

10.I only listen to VK music and international music,no Thai music!!

11.I'm always freak out when I accidentally stare at my bf's pic....no specific reason but I personally think he's too cool that if I ever stare closely at him,I wouldn't be able to stop dreaming about him XD

11 questions I have to answer:

1.Your Favorite Artist/Band and Why?

My fav artist is Satsuki former vocalist of my fav band,RENTRER EN SOI.

2.If you ruled the world what would be the first thing you do?

Get all the pretty clothes for free!!

3.Why did you start blogging?

I only started blogging 2 months ago because of Rowie's blog I happened to stumble on while searching for poupee.To be frank,I was so impressed that I only created this blog just to contact her XD

4.Would you say you're more different than your younger self (like you've matured etc) and why?

Yeah,I think I'm a lot more mature and have changed a lot especially my appearance.When I was a kid,no one in the class would ever want to talk to me coz I was the only one wearing glasses and so shy that I never talked to anyone.

5.Who Inspires you and Why?

First,it was Satsuki and then it's all the gyaru models XD

6.What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?

I finally found someone I've been looking for all of my life ^w^

7.Do You watch cartoons? Which ones and why?

I watch anime,Senguku Basara and Tiger&Bunny...but I read a lot of manga tho.

8.What Languages would you like to learn fluently?

Japanese?I already know how to speak it but still not good enough,I think.

9.Have you ever been in love?

I'm in love right now.

10.Your Favorite song and why?

Mizerable by Gackt,it's a sad song yet it makes me happy everytime I listen to it.

11.Are their things about yourself you want to work on and why?

I want to lose more weight.

My 11 question

1.What or who inspired you for blogging?

2.What's your occupation?

3.What's your hobby besides blogging?

4.What kind of music do you listen to?

5.What's your goal for life?

6.If you could turn back time,what would your want to change in your life?

7.What's the type of guy you like?

8.What's the thing you like the most about blogging?

9.What's your fav food?

10.Do you have any sibling?

11.What would you prefer dogs or cats?

11 people I will tag

Since I don't know many people here so I decided to choose 11 people of my recent follower.

Here's the list.






Anna Melody






Yay!!Guess that all for the tag =w=

Today I tried new makeup also.

Hope you like it ^ ^

See you next entry ^ ^