Job Hunting:Interview #1

Yep,I'm currently a NEET who is doing job hunting right now.
There're currently 2 company which had invited me for a job interview.
Yesterday was the 1st one,I'm going for the 2nd one next Monday.

This is what I wore yesterday.
Hmmm,maybe it looks too sweet and not so professional?
But my mom recommend me wearing this outfit tho.

And about the makeup.
 I didn't put on lower eyelash since I'm afraid it'd look overdone.
Someone said I look like I was going on a date more than a job interview = = ;

Today supposed to be the day my salary from my previous job come out.
I wish to purchase some more makeup so I can work on the makeup tutorial I've been wanted to do.
I hope there won't be anything wrong with it...
I'm saving some of the money for more clothes to complete my princess wardrobe also.
Just a peek of how it looks like now.
Still need to buy a lot of stuff XD

That's all for today,thanks for reading.