Liz Lisa Chamber a Cousher Happy Bag

I'm so happy today since my mom has just come back from her Japan trip and she bought me some of Liz Lisa's Happy bags!!Yay!!
Actually,I told her to look for 2013 Lucky Bag but she said she didn't see them in store yet so she bought me some of Liz Lisa Chamber a Cousher limited edition happy bags for me instead.
The red one contains 3 pieces and the pink one contains 4 pieces.
The pinks bag has a pillow case,2 pairs of Liz Lisa bottom lash,a note book and a cute lunch box.
The red one has top,bottom and a onepiece.
Well,I actually broke just like what I said in my previous posts but I'm thinking of ordering New Year Lucky Bag now since Ijust can't resist all of these cute stuffs!
I might be using the money my dad save me as graduation present if the shop doesn't double the prize of the bag....
You know it's crazy when the real prize is around 5,600THB for 15,000JPN but they charge you and then the prize is like 13,000THB something.Just WTF!!I might as well give up then.

Here are some more pics of when I went to see my mom and my brother off to Japan.
Yeah,I know I look very Chinese =w=;
My mom
My brother
Recently,I've been trying new makeup without having to use eyelashes.
I don't want to look overdone for the job interview,of course.
My bf said he prefer the makeup without lashes,too.
Yeah,I'll give it a try.

Oh,and I've just bought these also.
Now I can try fancy makeup when I get bored waiting for the job XD