Ninja Love+makeup while I was away

To tell the truth,I'm getting more and more lazy to write my blog.
But well,gotta do some update anyway.

First of all,I've already quit my job and recently trying to find a new one.
That basically means that I'm staying home everyday now....and also broke XD
...at least,I think I've lost some weight.
Mostly,I'm on IPod now,playing games and such.
Regular games are kindda boring to me but luckily I've found some Otome games.
If you're my friend in Facebook,you might have already know what I'm going to talk about XD
Shall we date?:Ninja Love
I didn't hope for too much since I've just download the free version so I might not get so much more chapter to play.
But this one just let me play a character story till the end,not just prologue!!
Luckily,the guy they made it available to play was my type XD
Can you guess who?
It's Kirigakure Saizo.
He remind me pretty much of Saizo from Brave10...that why I named my character "Izanami" XD
Geez...I always fall for Kuudere type =///=
(btw,the screen was captured from my IPod,so you can see Thai alphabet there)
At least,I didn't capture every single dialogue he said!! XD
I play it on GREE also,if you're a play add me!!
My ID is 678856867
I know I should have tried other character coz I've played Saizo more than 3 times and got Best Ending already.But I just can't help picking him again >_<
Once I finished with this,I might play Goemon next.

Let's move on to other stuff.
I want to show you some of my recent makeup.

I want to try many style of gyaru and I just hope I don't end up looking the same = =
How do you think?

Last but not least,my new place is also ready to move in.
Only the curtain stuff and fridge left then I'm in!!
So excited about that coz I got to decorate my own room for the first time.
I'll show you the pic once everything is finished.
I'd like to take pic of my new clothes also but I've moved most of them to the new closet already.
Anyway,bye for now.
See you next entry