La Pafait Outfit+Birthday Celebration

First of all,I've planed this project because I want to do something fun for my birthday.
And since there's a cosplay event just a day ahead of my birthday so I think it's a good chance to meet up with my friends.

This is my outfit for the day.
This is my first time to do all hime,hehe.
I'm so happy since I could meet up with a lot of my friends that I haven't seen them in a while.
With Kei.
With Riki.
With Karen.
Actually,I met up with Felicia,Nana,Meiji and some other people also.
Sadly,I didn't get a chance to take pic with them ;w;
I have some pic I took together with my family also coz they went to pick me up in the evening.
I feel like I don't belong to the group XD

Let's move on to the present.
Unexpectedly,got a lot of present this year!!
Birthday Charm from Kei
Fur Leg Warmer for Karen
Oncepiece from Nana
Animal Pendant Set from mom
New Ipod Touch from my dad!!
OMG...I've never received such this expensive present in my life!! XD
Let continue for what I've bought myself XD
Pink Boots
MA*RS accessory set
Ageha November and Liz Liza&My Melody magazine.

That's it for today,thank you ^ ^

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