[Event]J-festa on Saturday

Yesterday I went to a cosplay event with my friends.
I just want to dress up something so,I used the yukata I bought last year.
Actually...yeah,I don't kidda  want to call it cosplay tho but I add some thing to my yukata also.
I makeup from home coz it'd take a long time to do it at the event.
This was my makeup and hair in the first place.
I met up with my friend,Karen.We're both dressing in yukata yesterday.
I added some fake hair so I wouldn't look so boring XD
With Karen
This pic is from Karen's phone.
Our costumes(sorry for you can't see Karen's face here >_<)
The event took place at Siam Paragon,it's so crowded!!
We were forcing our ways to the stage to see cosplayers' performance.
It was Pretty Cure on the stage.
It's just too far >_<
Can you guess what's this show?
It's Gintama!!I really like this show tho.
Cover dance.My high school friend,Aigo,was on the stage.
I think this is the first time we met each other since we've graduated XD
Nana was cosplaying Sheryl Nome.
I stayed there until it got dark XD

I think I was forcing the smile somehow.
The weather was really hot,I felt like melting!!
I have so few pics of myself and still looking forward for someone to tag me XD
Thank you for reading ^ ^