Quick update:my office

Actually,I feel too lazy to doing anything these days.
I don't even want to doll up or anything =3=;
But since I don't want to ruin the lens review post so I'll postpone it to next entry. 

I don't have so much things to do now except for my work.
Seems like I begin to work harder somehow...but it's ok as long as I get money from it.
That's why I didn't go anywhere other than my office this week.
Here's how it is.
My wallpaper didn't go well with my calendar XD
I was bored so I also took some pics.
No makeup - -

Working overtime bored and sleep so I transform into a rabbit XD
...despite the fact that my boss was also there.
Another silly moment...

Ahhhhhhhh.........I wish I had a long holidays again XDD
But well,it's ok since my salary is coming out soon
This time I'm going to try buying something from Taobao :D

And yeah....don't forget to join my giveaway ^ ^