A day off

On Monday I got a day off so I went out with my family.
We went to Siam Paragon and ate some meal at Fuji Restaurant.
I took some pic for the makeup but it isn't so good tho XD
I'm trying my best not to look so old with this hairstyle.
Just can't live without my bangs,really.
And this is what I ordered.
Bento Tenpura Set.
I went shopping for some skincare also but I'll update it in my next post which will be makeup&skincare haul post XD
I went to take purikura with my brother coz our parents got bored and already went back home.

My brother is a big fan of Lady Gaga XDD
It's his first time taking purikura but he's already a nice decorator XD
After that we rushed back to the cinema to watch the movie.
We watched Snow White and the Huntsman :D
My brother said he loves the graphic tho but I want to watch it because Chris Hemsworth is really cute....
....no,no,no,don't tell my bf I said that XD
We did enjoyed to movie tho even the ending is kidda....nope,I won't spoil you!
Maybe that's all for today.
I think I just make it quick coz it's midnight here and I have to go to work tomorrow :(
See you next entry ^ ^