[Event]Oishi Cosplay Idol

First of all,I want to thank you everybody for interesting in my giveaway.
But I've noticed to many people have cheated anyway and I don't quite like that.
So,if I can't find your prove for the certain entry,I'll delete all your entries.
There's a person saying that she tweeted my giveaway but she set her account to private so I couldn't view anything.
Such this entry will be invalid also.
If I find anymore of this,I'll just randomly choose the winner from my visible followers ="=
Sorry for being mean on that but I really put a lot of afford in this giveaway and that's not quite nice if you cheated and win.
I still appreciate all my lovely followers who play clean on that.
Anyway,you can still join my giveaway here.

And I'm happy to announce that I've just won Hyper Gals Giveaway!!
They're such a lovely and active circle to follow :D

Let's get back to the title name XD
Yesterday,I went to attend Oishi Cosplay Idol : World Cosplay Summit.
I didn't go as a cosplayer but a blogger so I just did the style I love but better not call it cosplay.
My outfit from yesterday.

I met with my half Japanese-Taiwanese friend,Nana, first and then her Japanese friend,Mamu,joined us.
We went to eat at some Japanese restaurant and Meiji came to join us there.
So,I was like speaking English and a bit Japanese all day yesterday XD

The girl cosplaying Luka was Nana,but I was meant to take a photo of the atmosphere here XD

Nana,me and Meiji(taken from Mamu's iphone)
Meiji and me.

My best friend from high school also cosplayed at the event with her group so I went to meet up a bit.
My best friend,Kei
Her group was doing Ao no Exorcist cosplay.
I personally like this pic of Rokang who was doing Okumura Rin cosplay.
Kei and me,trying to wink.
Karen went as a member of Scandal.
Kulala,I don't know her personally but I'm secretly her fanclub XD
I think I met her on Popteen Thailand event also.
I don't know this person but she was cosplaying Isanami so I took her pic XD

After the event my dad came to pick me up and he took a few pic of me.


I guess that's all for today,hope you enjoy this entry.