[Event]Popteen Thailand 1st Anniversary

Today I went to attend Popteen Thailand 1st Anniversary event.
As I used to mention in my previous blog post before that we have Thai version for Popteen available here.
And now it has been 1 year since the first Thai version came out.

At first,I decided to go with Karen,but her work was night shift so she decided to rest instead of going.
So,today I had my parents accompanied me instead.

This is how I look today.


We arrived a bit early so we went to Krispy Kream for some dessert.
It's all mango...as always,I'm a mango girl XD

Then we went directly to where the event was being held.

Because we arrived too early so there's still not many ppl.

Then I and my mom attend each booth to play game,they're giving some free stuff such as gift voucher and product example also :D

This is what I got from all the booth
Bread x2,pen,makeup remover,sunblock lotion.
Actually,there's a gift voucher also but I didn't take the pic = =

We were taking pics around the area while some staff asked me to post for some pic together with the magazine.
I look ugly when comparing to Mizukitty XD
I personally like this pic :D
With the magazine.
I have no clue when did my dad took this pic!!

Then I went shopping for my giveaway.
Yeahhhhh,I'm ready to launch my giveaway event next entry!!
I'm kidda sure that every one will love it since I put a lot of afford into buying these cute items XD
So,don't forget to check out my next entry as soon as you saw it!!

We took some pic before we went to have lunch also.
Me and my mom.

Then we went to have lunch at Republic Food Court.
Roasted Duck with rice,it's my current fav food :D
Last pic with my lovely new bag XD

That's it for today,I hope you enjoy this entry.
Don't forget to check out the next entry XDD