[Review]Create Eyewear Double Green

hi,sorry for not updating my blog for a while,I was really busy with work these day >_<
But well,work equals to money so that's fine XD

Today I'll make some review post...guess it's my first anyway.
I've ordered Create Eyewear Double Green from my friend's store.
Actually,it's not big eyes lens but it's cosplay lens.
I love bright color lens and that's why I decided to order it.

The box.
The lens,looking pretty bright :D
How it looks on my eye,this pic is pretty blurred tho -3-
I forgot to take pic of my normal eye color,but well I'm pure Asian with deep natural black eyes.

Pro-the color is so bright
-it doesn't irritate your eyes
Con-not big eye lens,doesn't  make your eyes look bigger
-high price compared to big eye lens
Overall ★★★★☆ 

And another thing,I want to show you my new Liz Lisa bag.
I really love it!!I buy it immediately when I saw it XDD

Oh,almost forgot that recently I've bought a new wig also.
This is how it looks like.
Yeah,I was bored of the bangs XD
It's very long that it reached my waist!!
It's also very soft but only once thing that annoying me is the color isn't as bright as I expected -3-

Guess that's all for today.
See you ^ ^