Rayong Beach+Photoshoot

Hi,everybody!!Sorry for my absence for a while.
I went to Rayong with my family because we've got long weekend for Songkran festival.
It was really hot yet a relaxing beach :D
I'd love to share some pics here also

The Beach,pics taken by my dad and his professional camera...

This is where we stayed at.
My outfit for the first day.

Trying to take pic with the beach but kidda fail...

Me and my dad.

With my mom...

....and my brother.

Getting ready to get wet! XD

I look gross here...but well my dad insisted on taking this pic =w=

Finally,a pic of me with the sea!!

Yeah,after that we played in the sea and got all wet!!
It was fun but I hate it when the sand got into my clothes,even we washed tho clothes there's always some left :(

The next day my dad wanted to try portrait photoshoot so he asked me to be the model.
I think it's kidda weird coz I've never done normal photoshoot before...ones I did was for cosplay.
Besides,my dad was the photographer this time. 
Here's the out come.

And that was it XDD

Actually,I didn't do anything more then what I've mentioned above  except from playing Rune Factory DS all day XD
And I've bought some souvenirs for the giveaway,too since I've already decided that my giveaway theme will be about summer.

Anyway see you next entry.

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  1. Oh, the sea looks beautiful, always wanted to go to Rayong na.. Looks like you had a calmer Songkran than me. 555. Love the photos :3

  2. The photos looks really nice! *__* Wish we had warm enough outside to go to the sea, soo jealous! It snowed again here today lol

  3. looks like you and your family had a great trip. i love your daddy's photograph :) all my picture on my blog is capturing by my daddy too :D have a nice weekend! :)