The day before Halloween,I went out with Nana.

At first,I was only to give the the money for the yukata.

But since we haven't hang out together from a long while so we went to have some lunch and go shopping together.

We had some lunch at Kobune,a Japanese restaurant.

This is what I ordered.

After that we went to the shopping arcade coz Nana wants to buy some onepiece.

We also took a lot of pic tho but I'll just upload some.

I think my bangs still too long even I've just cute it.

My eyes are always look too small = =

And for the Halloween,I did some photo also

A bunny XDD

I actually did the Witch version also,it's now my facebook profile pic.

Yeah,that was it XDD

I guess it's too late to say "Happy Halloween" anyway.

Now is November and my birthday is this Friday to come =w=