Before winter trip

It's been a while since my last entry XD
I didn't really have anything to update other than my love story,so I decided not to post XD
But recently,me and my friend have decided to go on a trip to Chiangmai together.
It's the first time I'm going to stay outside Bkk with friend other than school trip
(eventho my parent will come to meet up later)
I'm so excited XDDD
Yesterday we went to buy the tour bus ticket and make a reservation for hotel.
We had some problem finding hotel since too many ppl are going to Chiangmai in this long weekend,but we finally found one with not too expensive price.
Then we went to Central Lad Prao to meet up with another friend who's working at Melt Me chocolate shop there.so we decided to buy something there also.
And this is what I ordered.

New York cheesecake.
Actually,I don't like any cake other than cheesecake XD
My friend bought some clothes at Uniqlo also,she bought a pair of tight and turtle neck sweater.
Sadly,I didn't take to photo since it's not my clothes.
That's all for now,I'll update my blog again after to trip.

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  1. oh! Enjoy your trip! I'm looking forward to reading about it! ♥
    and the cake really looks tasty! yumm♪