Finally,I've finished making my blog's theme XDD

Well,I think that it's not so good but at least better than the basic one = =

I still need to recover my theme-making skill.

These days I've seen many fakers on facebook.

To tell the truth,that's annoying me the most about facebook.

Gyaru models were the target tho.

I've seen Mirai,Manya fakers there and still a lot that I haven't seen.

They keep saying things like "Stop stealing my pics"

...but those pics were already stolen from their original owners

Oh,and recently,there's someone accusing me for being a faker also.

This person.

She said if I could prove that I'm real then she'll record an apology vdo for me.

(She said it with a rude order like "Do it now!!"....bitch,how dare you!!)

So,I recorded the prove vdo and uploaded on my fanpage.

But it's been 3 days and I haven't seen any vdo of her.

I started to think maybe she's a faker,coz in her profile said she's from India

but her pics don't look like an Indian,plus she can't record the vdo for proving she's real.

Don't you think there should be a law to prevent fakers?

They're too many to take now.